Not in My Name!

And not with my tax dollars! ‘No military should ever be allowed to invade a sovereign nation’, we were told (with the obvious exceptions of Iraq and Afghanistan). The invasion of Ukraine was a matter of first principles, we were told: but more than that, it was a world battle that we were obliged to join. Vladimir Putin was pure evil, Vladimir Zelensky was saint-like, … Continua a leggere Not in My Name!

Anti-Feminicide Day

Another year of tone-deaf Leftist arguements denouncing ‘feminicide ‘: but do any of these individuals really care about women? Let’s look at a few facts which are purposefully ignored by the Left. I decided years ago to distance myself from those individuals railing about ‘mass feminicide’, after noting numerous inconsistancies in their arguements and behaviour, as well as those practices that they vocally supported. (Of … Continua a leggere Anti-Feminicide Day


Historically, the question of women in the workplace has been divided into two political camps: on the one side, the individualist, destructive, misanthropic, radical feminist Left, which – in chorus with Gloria Steinem – insisted that ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’, leading to modern single women becoming the unhappiest category of individuals in recent generations, with depression shooting up … Continua a leggere ENOUGH!


The Vatican recently announced the extension of its agreement with China for another two years. The provisional agreement was signed in 2018 and renewed in 2020, yet since the signing of that agreement, religious freedom in China has worsened. Why then extend it a second time? Cardinal Parolin stated in an interview at the end of October, 2022: “Pope Francis- with determination and patient foresight … Continua a leggere THE BETRAYAL OF THE CHINESE CATHOLIC CHURCH


Having verified the final results of this election, we may now state with confidence, that Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia – together with Lega and Forza Italia – have consolidated a decisive, Center Right-wing victory over Italy’s Leftist coalition, which has been governing Italy for the past 11 years in the form of various ‘technical’ governments, despite not having been elected. Giorgia Meloni should be … Continua a leggere A CHOICE, NOT AN ECHO

Famine is coming

Governmentally induced famine is already upon us, as our severe energy crisis will logically lead to a food crisis. It would be wise, therefore, to begin storing food, and searching for land upon which to care for a garden: while such an effort may seem daunting, it is perhaps the least challenging task we will face over the course of the next several years. Farming … Continua a leggere Famine is coming

This is not an Election: It is a Coup

As Italy’s election date of the 25th of September draws nearer, its attempt at the reestablishment of Democracy is further away than ever. A modified article (18 bis, comma 2) of a preexisting law (n.361, 30th of March, 1957) approved unanimously on the 28th of June 2022 by Italian parliament, states that any political party present in at least one of the chambers of parliament … Continua a leggere This is not an Election: It is a Coup

The Italian Conservative Manifesto

by Italian Conservatives for Tradition and the Constitution Firstly, an amendment to the Constitution is required, which recognizes that our innate God-given rights precede any written Constitution, and that they have their origins in Natural Law, which is written on our souls – endowed upon us by our Creator -and is that which has been codified by Canon Law and ratified by the Social Doctrine … Continua a leggere The Italian Conservative Manifesto

Shia LeBoeuf has converted to Catholicism: What the Italian mainstream Media is NOT telling you!

In Italy, the Tridentine Rite has been all but completely suppressed. There are still priests who bravely celebrate the Mass of the Ages, but secretly, in hiding: a scenario reminiscent of past Soviet and Protestant persecutions, and at times that of the early Christian Masses celebrated in the catacombs beneath Imperial Rome. What is so striking, however, is the ominous accord that seems to have … Continua a leggere Shia LeBoeuf has converted to Catholicism: What the Italian mainstream Media is NOT telling you!