• Not in My Name!

    And not with my tax dollars!

    ‘No military should ever be allowed to invade a sovereign nation’, we were told (with the obvious exceptions of Iraq and Afghanistan).

    The invasion of Ukraine was a matter of first principles, we were told: but more than that, it was a world battle that we were obliged to join. Vladimir Putin was pure evil, Vladimir Zelensky was saint-like, self denying, brave, honest, handsome (de gustibus)and Zelensky was fighting for the very same ideals upon which the US was founded: American news outlets actually compared Zelensky to George Washington with straight faces. And once again, almost everyone fell for the spindoctors’ propaganda: just take at look at all of the Ukrainian flags waving from balconies around the city.

    A battle against tyranny abroad in the service of democracy at home

    After almost a year, only idiots could believe any of this. Whatever you think about the conflict in Ukraine, it is clear that Zelensky has no interest in freedom or democracy. In fact, Zelensky is far closer to Lenin than to George Washington. He is a dictator. He is a dangerous authoritarian who has used over 100 billion US tax dollars to establish a one- party police state in Ukraine. This is not an overstatement.

    Over the past year, Zelensky has banned opposition, he shut down critical media by force, he has arrested his political opponents, and has sent soldiers into Churches. Zelensky’s secret police have raided monasteries across Ukraine, even a convent of Orthodox nuns, and arrested dozens of priests for no justifiable reason whasoever, in a clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution, which is pretty much worthless at this point. And in the face of this, the Biden administration has done nothing. Has not said one word. Von der Leyen is slavering over Zelensky- the neo-Nazi pupil of her eye, promising everything: even half of her kingdom . . . the other half is for Bourla. And they all continue to push to send Zelensky more tax dollars. https://youtu.be/qKckOQnCYyA

    So naturally, Zelensky has become much bolder. Last week he announced his intent to ban an entire religion: yes, he has banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and is seizing its property, all for being insufficiently loyal to his regime. And he said it out loud.

    In a video: “We have to create such conditions, that any people dependant on the country of Russia won’t be able to manipulate Ukrainians and weaken Ukrainians, . . The first national security and defense council instructed the government to submit a draft law, making it impossible for religious organizations with centers of influence in the Russian Federation to operate in Ukraine.”

    A free country does not ban a major religion, even if it is not fully on board with the political program of the rest of the country. But Zelensky is doing just that. His ‘cabinet’ is now devising ways to punish Christians for practicing their banned ancient religion in Ukraine: ‘Personal, economic and restrictive sanctions will be applied to any Christian caught worshipping in unapproved ways. ‘Now, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is more than a thousand years old. With the full backing of the Biden administation and Congress, Zelensky has decided to ban it. I wonder how that sits with Christian Repubblican voters? Here is the response of one Orthodox bishop to the news:

    “We brothers and sisters walk with God! Do not be afraid!There are people who want to stop our Church and Orthodox faith!Then God will stop these people! Brothers and sisters, these people are starting to fight against God! They have started a war against God and Heaven! They are not real Ukrainians!Our Ukraine is a blessed and faithful Ukraine! And the whole Orthodox Ukraine prays today!”

    You are not allowed to send soldiers into churches. You are not allowed to arrest dozens of priests because they refuse to bow before you, and you are not allowed to ban entire religions. So, most of the media have just ignored this. Some have made excuses .”He has to do this ‘cause there’s a war!”But there is no justification for this whatsoever. the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not Russian: it’s Ukrainian! There is actually a long history of friction between the various centers of power within the Orthodox faith! It has no connection to the Putin government; in fact it has denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet Zelensky’s celebrity backers in the West have said nothing.Where is G. Bush Jr., who compared Zelensky to Churchill, and praised his ‘commitment to liberty’? Will he still back Zelensky, no matter how many Christians get arrested? No matter how many Churches Zelensky siezes? We are providing state of the art military equipment to a psychopath, who may very well use it against his own people. And our tax dollars are funding the destruction of Christianity in Ukraine. Ukraininans cannot listen to media outlets that criticize the Zelensky government because they have been banned. They cannot play Russian music. No, this is not Afghanistan under the Talibans: this is Ukraine under Zelensky. Ukrainians cannot vote for an opposition party, because they have all been banned or arrested. And now their Churches are being raided and their priest arrested.

    The fact that our leaders are calling this hellish form of tyranny ‘freedom’, tells you a great deal about what they have in mind for us.

    Ukrainian soldiers are now using our tax dollars to make choreographed tiktok videos for social media consumption, reminiscent of those insanely irritating covid19 hospital videos:


    It is just such a grotesque post-modern sci-op, and anyone who is falling for this is a duped idiot. This is the same Ukrainian defense ministry which lied about the ghost of Kiev, and the missile aginst Poland, by the way. Just as there was no emergency in the hospitals – many of them were empty, so empty that doctors and nurses had time to shake their choreographed behinds to annoying little ditties.

    If the media and our leaders defend and idealize a man who silenced and arrested his opposition, silenced critical media outlets, sent the military into churches, arrested priests, sent the army into monasteries and then banned a religion, if they’ll defend all of that and call it ‘liberty’, they’ll defend anything, they have no moral compass, and those that listen to them have no historical perspective.

  • Anti-Feminicide Day

    Another year of tone-deaf Leftist arguements denouncing ‘feminicide ‘: but do any of these individuals really care about women? Let’s look at a few facts which are purposefully ignored by the Left.

    I decided years ago to distance myself from those individuals railing about ‘mass feminicide’, after noting numerous inconsistancies in their arguements and behaviour, as well as those practices that they vocally supported. (Of course, as a woman, I am obviously against violence against women; arguing against the politicization of certain tragic events does not make me automatically in favour of them – although this is the black and white world of logical fallacy in which Leftists live).

    Riding on a tram some years ago with my two sons – then toddlers – I gazed up at two publicities, one beside the other, which encapsulate the cognitive dissonance representing today’s Left : one, of two children – a boy and a girl – with captions reading ‘future abuser’ and ‘future victim’, respectively; the other publicity was of the film “Twenty Shades of Grey”, or rather the propaganda tool and apologia for the gentrification of sadomaschism. In the first, the young girl is a victim ( isn’t that a rather ‘fainting violet’, Victorian persective of femininity? hadn’t feminists like Beauvoir just argued that biology is not necessarily destiny? Is there no free will in the universe? Are we simply automatons obeying biological impulses which are intended to be kept in constant atagonism, the one sex against the other? Is this a realistic representation of the relationship between men and women in Western Society?); and in the second, the young woman is ‘sexually liberated ‘ by being continuously involved in near-death sexual experiences with her ‘lover’. (therefore, violence in a male-female relationship is acceptable – even desirable, but only if the female couterpart desires it?) An aside, an interesting piece of trivia: the highest categories of spousal abuse in the United States are between lesbians, which once again demonstrates that women are often their own worst enemies – even in sexual relationships!

    Violence is unacceptable in all cases. And I considered these disgusting advertisements to be acts of violence and ‘hate speech’ against my children. As a mother of two boys, and a sister to three fantastic brothers, my greatest desire has always been to raise strong, polite, respectable young men, capable of coming to the defense of women, should such an effort be required, and these advertisements were direct attacks against them. It is noxious and repugnant, as well as scientifically false to purport the idea that ALL MEN are intrinsically wired to beat women: the truth, if anything, is exactly the opposite: men are wired to defend the helpless, especially women and children. And most importantly for us women, they are also physically designed to do so. As a strong, combative woman who has played hockey and participated in martial arts (not to mention fighting with my brothers), I am the first to recognize and concede the superiour strength of men, as well as their notable capacity to withhold it.

    Which is why I also consider the participation of men with lipstick in women’s sports to be a particularly brutal form of violence against women. It is one perplexing question to have these giants wearing wigs win women’s beauty pageants, the Times title of ‘Woman of the Year, women’s talent contests, university scholarships traditionally dedicated to young women, but it an entirely different situation when you have to face down a burly man in a boxing ring or on a Tae Kwon Do mat, and our young female athletes have the broken bones – and skulls – which attest to this fact. In other sports, the male levels of testosterone which begin at 12-15 times that found in the female body, their bone density, pelvic structure, larger hearts and lungs, broader shoulders and general height do the rest of the work, and whereever they are, they steal first place – which in the US often signifies winning both financial awards, scholarships and sponsorships. Where are the women who fought so long and hard to provide the women’s categories in sporting events? Why are they silent?

    The greatest feminicide in World History unfolded before our eyes in Communist China, where hundreds of millions of baby girls were aborted under the one-child policy. This horrific, monumental tragedy has led to a lack of sufficient brides for Chinese men, leading to frequent, outrageous incursions of the Chinese into neighbouring territories including Pakistan, robbing them of their women in order to give birth to their sons’ children. Both on the mass feminicide and enslavement of captured foreign women in China, the Left remains silent.

    The worst example of extreme, horrifying, systemic, legislated violence against women, however, is Islam. The Left’s unbridled enthusiasm and blind support of Islam has no bounds ( Adolph Hitler was also a big fan), and they are not even struck by the cognitive dissonance of their differing positions on the veil: for decades, it was stated by the Left that Mohammedan women wore their veils exclusively for traditional motives, that they were never forced or coerced, and that cultural diversity was a GOOD THING. (their true desire was to release a population bomb which would destroy the remains of the Christian West from within, but I believe they underestimated both the volatility of their weapon and the moral fortitute of the Church Militant). Over the past few weeks, as numerous young Iranian women and other young Iranian dissidents have died over the question of this cruel subjugation symbolized by the veil, we have witnessed a mysterious 180° on the part of the Left, complete with demonstations of the solidarity of female politicians shaving their hair to protest these deaths. But why now? This has been occuring regularly for fifty years, and noone has so much as whipered a word of protest. My suspicion is that this very real, very serious issue is being used as a decoy to distract the populace from the fact that people are mysteriously falling dead in the streets, and that we are funding a proxy war between the US and Russia with the taxpayers’ money.

    Islam forces women to cover themselves to varying degrees, with punishments for ‘immodesty’ numerous and various, up to and including death; it sanctions pedophilia, as their ‘prophet’ had sexual relations with his wife at the age of nine; it sanctions wife-beating, lapidation for adultury, poligamy, and the abandonment of a wife and family for another woman through ‘divorce’ (eloquently described by Nobel prize winner V.S. Naipaul), which considers unveiled women to be whores deserving to be raped – hence the hundreds and hundreds of cases of European women raped by Mohammedan ‘asylum seekers ‘ – and considers women in general to be half the worth of men. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that we are all equal: Man,woman, slave, master, Jew and Greek (Gentile), which is why the aforementioned ideology has no place on our extraordianry continent, within our schools, eroding our culture from within. Our ancestors fought valiantly at Poitiers, Lepanto and Vienna to avoid the savagery of this ideology, responsible for the enslavement of hundreds of millions of European women (“white gold”) over the course of several hundreds of years. We also fought miltant Islam – a staunch ally of Hitler – during the Second World War: let it not be that these valiant men fought in vain!

    And here we reach a full circle: the true catastrophy of this Age is the fact that we have failed young people in general, but it seems we have specifically singled out young men as the scapegoats for all that has gone awry in our society: it is high time we reestablished a form of education which rewards honour, bravery, chivalry, the knowledge and understanding of male strength, the manner in which to utilize it correctly, the moments in which it is necessary to ensure its containment, its valorization, its contribution; we recognize the equality of men and women, but not their reciprocity; the sexes are not identical, but complementary.

    I would close by stating the greatest act of violence against women has been to rob them of their birthright to become mothers, instilling in them the belief that any job is more dignified than taking care of one’s own children (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, which is why governments want their hands on your children at an earlier and earlier age: not to create brilliant, free-minded individuals, but to create SLAVES); that it is possible to put career before family . . . until suddenly, it is too late to have children; that abortion (the killing of a baby in the womb) is a woman’s RIGHT, that there is no longer any moral taboo attached to the procedure, and that a woman will not live to regret the act. The truth is that the DNA of a woman’s aborted baby may circulate throughout her body for decades – up to thirty years – overwhelming the woman with regret, depression, suicidal ideation. She may be unable to have children. Or she may never fully be able to appreciate the children she has, as her unconcious is marked by her willing participation in that homicidal event. This is truely the most grotesque act of cruelty against women, which should make the world tremble, for when a woman is capable of killing her own child, there is truly no safe place in the world.


    Historically, the question of women in the workplace has been divided into two political camps: on the one side, the individualist, destructive, misanthropic, radical feminist Left, which – in chorus with Gloria Steinem – insisted that ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’, leading to modern single women becoming the unhappiest category of individuals in recent generations, with depression shooting up to 3500% and the consumption of anti-depressants at record highs; that women should privilege work and career over family and child rearing by means of a mass campaign of denigration of the most important and exhausting role in the world; that even if women were to resist such indoctrination and choose otherwise, should be forced into the work place regardless, by means of record inflation and perverse levels of taxes, providing even more possibilities to the State to quantify and tax the labour of home management – the only untaxed modern form of labour prior to this phase of the modern era – through the necessity to hire domestic help; that, in the case of maternal urges and the ticking of the biological clock, it would be possible to ignore such signals from Mother Nature, delaying maternity up to and beyond the age at which women of the past became grandmothers, leading to mass infertility and the necessity to revert to unnatural and inefficient means to conception, usually resulting in tragic failure.

    On the other side, the contrast to the aforementioned position has been held by the traditional Conservative camp, which has always stated that women are capable of – and have always performed – almost all occupations; that it is possible for a woman to ‘have it all’, simply not at the same time; that family should come first, followed by career, because the family – not the individual – is the building block of a healthy society. And career needs to be made a choice, not an obligation, because every Conservative understands that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and that the role of mother is absolutely irreplacable; that dedication to family, the home and childrearing is a full-time job, and the denigration of Motherhood is leading to the collapse of society.

    Giorgia Meloni, recently elected Conservative Premier of Italy – the first female Italian prime minister, and the only woman at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia – has defied all categories by achieving her historically relevant premiership only recently after having become mother, which should please the Leftist harpies and their creepy male ‘feminist’ cronies in the mainstream establishment media, because she is demonstating their tenet that it may be possible, under certain circumstances, to have it all simultaneously. Yet they cannot celebrate her success, because she is a Conservative. And here we understand that there is no solidarity, no compassion, no support, no understanding, and especially. no COHERENCE in the Leftist mindset.

    The various Italian Leftist propaganda rags – from Repubblica to Corriere – are now up in arms about Giorgia Meloni’s recent G20 participation, not because of the content of the discussions in which she participated, nor the positions which Italy has chosen to represent, but because she took her six-year-old daughter with her (hope she didn’t introduce Ginevra to Creeepy Joe). Whatever happened to ‘breaking the glass ceiling’?the Sisterhood’? To ‘Support All women’? To ‘Believe All women’? Should they not have included a clause explaining that all women should be supported and believed, but only if they are Leftist?

    This surreal debate has all the flavour of sour grapes, as the acidic authors take their preposterous, childish ‘revenge’ on Meloni, apparently for no other reason than the fact that she is not a Leftist: “Why”, Repubblica asked, “during those four days during which complete physical, mental and emotional focus are required for a Head of State, did Giorgia Meloni choose to take her young daughter with her, creating a gratifiying, inevitable, yet extremely heavy burden?” (At this point, one might respond: ‘this is absolutely noone’s business but Meloni’s’!)”Probably, because she defines herself as ‘woman, mother and Christian’, she considers keeping her daughter near her a personal priority, because the maternal presence is a non-negotiable value, even when the State requests 48 hours of participation and absolute attention. But is it true maternal presence that which is shared with Modi and Biden, or that which participates in a bilateral discussion with Erdogan?” This pathetic jab is so ridiculous that the reader knows not whether to laugh or cry: what difference does it make if – before playing in the afternoon with her daughter, a woman speaks with Modi and Biden, or instead works in her office? As usual, the Leftist obsession with Meloni reveals the basis of its absurd, obtuse, grotesque and hypocritical mindset in all its contradictions.

    Moving over to the Stampa. “President Meloni is at the G20 in Bali”, we read, ” and she has brought homework: her six-year-old daughter Ginevra is together with her. Giorgia Meloni: mamma, mammo, premier. When you’re dealing with a six-year-old, according to me, even the G20 seems like a walk in the park” (why is it that feminists find the mere idea of children to be so daunting?). “Giorgia, may I call you Giorgia? I understand you. If you cannot eradicate your sense of guilt, take her with you.” The only sense of guilt that Giorgia Meloni should experience is to have caused ‘Meloni Derangement Syndrome’ in so many leftist women, leading them to write such absurd drivel. But I’m sure she cannot help but be entertained.

    Our Premier wrote this comment on Facebook: “As we return home from two days of incessant work to best represent Italy at the Bali G20 Summit, I have come across an incredible debate regarding whether or not it was appropriate for me to take my daughter with me on this four day trip. Therefore, you consider the manner in which I raise my daughter a subject that has anything to do with you? I have news for you: it does not. I have the right to raise my daughter as I choose, just as I am convinced that I have the right to do all I possibly can for this Nation, without however depriving my daughter of a mother. I hope that this response will be sufficient to bring you to your senses and occupy yourselves with more relevant subjects which are vaguely within your realm of competence.”


    The Vatican recently announced the extension of its agreement with China for another two years. The provisional agreement was signed in 2018 and renewed in 2020, yet since the signing of that agreement, religious freedom in China has worsened. Why then extend it a second time?

    Cardinal Parolin stated in an interview at the end of October, 2022: “Pope Francis- with determination and patient foresight – has decided to continue along this path, not under the illusion of finding perfection in human rules, but in the concrete hope of being able to assure Chinese Catholic communities, even in such a complex context, of the guidance of pastors who are suitable for the task entrusted them”.

    One third of Chinese dioceses are without bishops, and there has been first-hand testimony that the bishops who have been approved by the Chinese government are simply government stand-ins. The new, CCP-picked bishop of Szechuan has recently stated that he will be celebrating the ‘birthday’ of the Communist Party in his cathedral on the solemn Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and he urges the Faithful to come ‘hear the word of the Party’, and ‘recieve the Grace of the Party’. How is it even concievable that such men would be suitable for the role of pastors? In the meantime, the Chinese Catholic Church has lost great men who are bishops (men who insisted that children not be banned from entering Church or from participating in prayer) – either through prison or detention or because they are on trial (card. Zen), or have been arrested for having refused to conform to the Vatican-CCP agreement. And if the bishops are the life of the Church, as the Vatican so often states, than the objective here is clearly to remove those figures of theological authority upon whom Chinese lay Catholics depend, in order to render them more vulnerable and disgregated.

    The Vatican-China agreement has never been made public, but Vatican officials insist that it outlines procedures to ensure that Catholic bishops are elected by the Catholic community in China, and approved by the Pope, before their ordinations and installations. In the past few years, only six bishops have been installed under the terms established in the agreement. In his interview, card. Parolin noted that the achievements of the agreement are as follows: lifting the excommunications of irregular status of seven bishops who had been ordained by government approval, but not by the Vatican. He went on to state : ” Many dioceses are still without bishops, or have very elderly bishops, but the process is continuing . . .there are dioceses in which, despite all efforts and good will, no fruitful diologue exists with local authorities”. To me, this sounds like a failed agreement: the Vatican was coerced into accepting government apparachicks in the guise of bishops – men who had been excommunicated, with good reason – whilst remaining incapacitated in its attempt to nominate worthy Catholic bishops of their choosing. What then has the Vatican recieved in return?

    A few years ago, Pope Francis stated that the original agreement between the Vatican and China had been signed in order to find ‘good shepherds’ to preach the Gospel in China, and in order to establish full and visible Unity within the Church. This past September, he stated that the commission was going very well, but slowly, because (according to him), the Chinese pace is slow, and the people have endless patience. Yet Pope Francis is not dealing directly with the Chinese people, but with the CCP, whose leader is a brutal dictator cut from the same cloth as Mao Tse Tung, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other such bloodthirsty psychopaths throughout history. Last December, Xi stated his goals, one of which is to bring every belligerant in China – be he Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan, Taoist or Buddist -under the direct control of the Communist Party, in order to serve the exclusive purpose of the forwarding of the Party. The leader of China has just recently installed himself as Dictator for life at the 20th Party Congress (an amazing show of unity amongst the puppets who sat and unanimously raised their right hands and clapped rhythmically to ensure that Xi understood that they liked him. Otherwise they would be dead men walking).

    Xi Jing Ping has stated that any religion that does not teach its members to love the Party, and to love National Socialism, is a backward religion engaged in illegal religious activities, and must be stamped out. The Chinese Communist party’s goals are very clear: they intend to destroy the underground Church, and of course they have used the ‘agreement’ to accomplish that, whilst they simultaneously create a visible Church that tows the party line, supporting National Socialism and supreme leader Xi Jing Ping. It’s long term goals are to decapitate the Church heirarchy, whilst strangling the Church out of existence.

    In which manner is the CCP decapitating the Catholic heirarchy? In the past, these figures were simply massacred, but in the age of video surveillance, CCP methods have become more insidious and discreet. There are over 100 Sees in China, about a third of them are empty, and at the current pace of installations (only six over several years), those thirty-three Sees will remain vacant, whilst more become empty as Bishops of the original Patriotic Church – whose average age is well over sixty – will become too elderly to resist. If the government were to continue nominating only one or two bishops over the course of several years, whilst many enter retirement every year, this would represent a slow-moving effort to leave the faithful with no bishops, except of course those who are actually members of the Communist Party.

    Cardinal Zen warned everyone that if this agreement were signed, the Vatican would be selling out the Chinese people, and the Gospel itself. It is both astonishing and revolting that Vatican officials can justify the distortion of the Gospel and the fact that it is being used as a vehicle to promote a Marxist agenda. The Church has come under the direct control of the United Front of China, so it is being used for propaganda purposes. The underground Church is being rounded up, tricked by the secret contents of the ‘agreement’ , which is misrepresented (or so we believe) by the CCp, which states that Catholics, according to the agrremment, must join the United Front Church. Some priests may well have been informed that this is the desire of the Pope.The Vatican is silent about the fact that Bishop Zeng, the head of the underground seminary was arrested and witheld in detention facilities a year ago, with accusations based upon the outlines of this so-called agreement. Not only will there no longer be any bishops: there will no longer be any priests, or any faithful. It is unfolding exactly as Bishop Zen said it would, and all one needs to do is go back to the documentation of Soviet horrors and atrocities, to understand that much worse is to come.

    According to Card. Parolin: the agreement “mainly concerns aspects that are essential to the daily life of Catholics in China. I am thinking, for example, of the validity of the sacraments celebrated and the certainty for millions of the faithful, that they will be able to live out their faith in full Catholic communion, without therby being suspected of not being loyal citizens of their country”. Yet we know that the CCP released documents on religious affairs back in 2018, which required that Catholic priests sign waivers against any allegience towards the Catholic Church, whilst contemporaneously signing documents of full support of the Communist Party of China. They are only allowed to celebrate in government sanctioned places; minors below the age of 18 are not allowed to attend: how can Cardinal Parolin consider it possible to live out full Catholic communion under these circumnstances? Those who wish to remain faithful to the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will be forced to do so outside of the official, organized structure.

    Cardinal Tagle , who supports the ‘agreement’ , stated “the agreement was signed in order to safeguard the valid apostolic succession and the sacramental nature of the Catholic Church in China, . . .and this can assure, comfort and enliven baltpized Catholic in China”. He certainly does not seem to understand what is going on in China: the Chinese Communist Party is writing the sermons for Catholic priests, forcing them to conform to communist ideology, demoting God to second place; they have re-written the Bible, providing a Chinese Commmunist Party version, changing key passages such as the woman caught in adultury, in which -after Jesus convicts the others for their sins, convinces them to drop their stones and walk away – he proceeds to stone her to death himself. Can anyone imagine having to sit in a Catholic Church in China, listening to this blasphemy? This is not the promotion of the Catholic Church in China, by any means.

    When asked to respond to critics about the Holy See’s dealings with China, which have led to the suffering of Catholics in China, card.Tagle said: ” In dialogue, the Holy See has its own respectful style of communicating with representatives of the Chinese government, but which never ignores and indeed alsways makes present the situation of suffering Catholic communities, which sometimes arise from inappropriate pressures and interference”. This is a wild understatement of what is actually happening. Catholics are being persecuted, restricted, suppressed, their faith is being crushed, and it is being done with sophisticated, high-tech tyranny: people are being blanketed with surveillance and social credit scores which deny them opportunities of all kinds, from education and housing to getting on a fast train. Some are being put in black jails and indoctrinated.

    Perhaps the most painful aspect of this subrosa ‘agreement’ is that not only does it seem the Vatican intends to remain silent in the face of religious persecution against Chinese Catholics: it openly praises the CCP, acclaiming non-existant accomplishments, whilst comvering up atrocities, from forced abortions, forced sterilizations in mass numbers, organ harvesting, to the enslavement of Uighurs. The Catholic Church, to whom all have historically turned for sound denunciations of such horrors, is inexplicably morally ambivalent, if not indifferent, relinquishing its role as the universal beacon and stalwart champion of ethics, morality and human rights.

    Whilst card Tagle has spoken of ‘inappropriate interference’, it seems he is suggesting that we should all just shut up and go away, which of course, we will not. We cannot speculate upon what the vatican supposed the ‘agreement’ might do to assist persecuted Chinese catholics, as the contents of the agreement remain secret, but it has obviously backfired, as Catholics in China are in worse conditions now than they were prior to 2018. It is possible to state in good faith that if the Vatican is not fighting for religious freedom – especially for persecuted Catholics – then it is furthering the goals of the Chinese Communist Party.


    Nina Shea, Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute Steve Mosher, President of Population Research Institute, author of ‘Bully of Asia’


    On the 8th of November, 2022, as the mid-term elections take place in the the United States of America (of which Italy is a colony), there will be be a Blood Moon, or rather, a full moon eclipse. What does this mean? Blood moons appear three times in the Bible, usually as an ominous harbinger to some dire event. All ancient cultures, from the Europeans to the ancient Mesopotamians, the Babylonians, the Hindus, the Chinese in the Far-East and the pre-Columbians of South America, all believed that the onset of a Blood Moon signified cataclysmic negative events.

    Market Watcher, Business Insider, Daily Caller, CBS News, MSN, Breitbart News and eveb Rolling Stone have published articles on the potential significance of a Blood Moon on Election Day, going so far as to suggest that it may promise a Repubblican (red) victory, though I would be more propense to suggesting the notion that that the blood red represents the bloodlust of the Democrat élite worldwide: those Leftist minions whose demonic energy feeds upon the shedding of innocent blood through abortion, the death of the elderly through forced injections, medical negligence, and finally, euthanasia; the death of the young by coersion to recieve that infamous gene therapy, the manufacturing of international conflicts to keep their pockets lined with riches from the market of arms and weaponry; the genital mutilation of children in the name of ‘compassion’, and finally: the personal consumption of the blood of children as ‘anti-age’ treatments.

    Whilst pre-election polls place most Repubblican gubernatorial candidates at an advantage over their Democrat collegues, I think it is fair to say that no one should be complacent about victory, especially considering the total mismanagement and corruption of election results in Democrat-run states during the 2020 Presidential election. These minions will stop at nothing to maintain their hold on power.

    From the Prophet Joel, verse 2:31: The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon into blood: before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come.

    Is there about to be a cosmic meltdown?

    We believe that the entire cosmos was created by God the Father, through his Son, Jesus Christ, who is called the Word of God, the Logos. John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. All things were created through him (the Word, the λόγος, Logos). Every creature, every mountain, every element, every galaxy, all the Angels, Humans, all was created by God. Therefore, as Humanity rejects Jesus Christ, the Logos Himself, it is logical to conclude that this rejection of God should lead to the dissolution of the natural, ethical and political order. At present, all that is being embraced in the cultural realm is counter-Logos – against Nature and Creation itself – therefore we may anticipate both Divine rejection of the present order, as well as Divine punishment for our sins (to remain silent is to be complicit).

    Acts of the Apostles 2.20: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and manifest day of the Lord come.

    Apocalypse 6:12: And I saw, when he had opened the sixth seal (sign of the dissolution of the order of the Logos and all that is good, balanced, peaceful and harmonious, on Earth), and behold there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became as blood. For this reason, at the opening of the 6th seal, we may expect the unleashing of the anti-Christ, through war, famine, bloodshed, chaos, fratricide, suffering and hatred, which we know is already upon us.

    Americans, please cast your votes with Eternity in mind!


    Having verified the final results of this election, we may now state with confidence, that Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia – together with Lega and Forza Italia – have consolidated a decisive, Center Right-wing victory over Italy’s Leftist coalition, which has been governing Italy for the past 11 years in the form of various ‘technical’ governments, despite not having been elected. Giorgia Meloni should be confirmed as Premier, becoming Italy’s first woman prime minister, but upon this stunning victory, the Left – which has griped for decades over womenkinds’ inability to shatter the glass ceiling, and had invented sexist, obbligatory quotas of females in every workforce regardless of merit – remains silent.

    Italian Conservatism – or rather the lack therof – and the fact that in Italy there is not, nor has there ever been, a Conservative Party, is today’s topic of discussion. Italians deserve a valid alternative to their radical, violent, esterofile, globalist Left, and therefore it is high time we coalesced and ratified a serious, grassroots, Conservative Movement.

    The phrase ‘A choice, not an Echo’, was coined by the late, great Phyllis Schlafly, in reference to the direct interference of Wall Street (J.P Morgan, David Rockerfeller, the Bilderberg group and others) in the choice of Republican nominees, and wholesale bribing of swaths of the Republican primary electorate, in order to promote those nominees whom they could control, or who would not represent an electoral threat to the current Democrat nominee under their influence. Schlafly documented their manipulation of every election, and demonstrated that the only two elections whose results had escaped them were those of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump (discussed in an updated version) – two individuals who did not belong to America’s government establishment elite. (Without Schlafly’s book, it is unlikely that Reagan would have been elected president).

    Curiously enough, in confirmation of this manipulation on the part of the central bankers to the democratic process, Bella Dodd had testified several decades earlier before Congress, stating that when she was Secretary of the American Communist Party, hundreds of card-carrying Communists had infiltrated both the Democrat and the Republican Parties, and that she had personally chosen thousands of Communists to work throughout the country in the field of Public Education, and other thousands of Communists who were sent to infiltrate Catholic seminaries. She spoke often about the fact that when the American Communist Party was unable to contact Moscow, they were told to communicate directly with figures representing the central banks, residing at the Waldorf Towers, downtown Manhattan. In other words, no party is it what seems to be, and very little of the democratic process remains, besides the personal convictions of each voter, which have been manipulated and betrayed, anyway.

    In order to understand that there is no Conservative party in Italy, it is FUNDAMENTAL to comprehend that Communism and National Socialism are two sides of the same coin, and accept that Mussolini was a Socialist. With regards to Italy, it may be difficult for non-Europeans to comprehend, but for historical reasons, ‘right-wing’ in Italy has always referred to those parties who like to dabble in fascist nostalgia, whilst the Left has always been oriented towards Communism, quite literally. (Italy’s very first democratically elected government risked becoming a majority Communist government, and a satellite state of the USSR). It would therefore be incorrect to assume that this dichotomy of ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ correspond to the Anglo-Saxon notions of ‘Conservative’ vs ‘Liberal’: not only is the Left in Italy historically Communist; the ‘Right’ in Italy has been historically associated with neofascist movements, or socialist, populist movements embracing various aspects of original Mussolinian Socialism, and has never governed autonomously. One of Italy’s first Parties, the ‘Christian Democrats’, was what would be defined today as a Center, Moderate Party, but it’s heir, the UDC, has governed both with Italy’s Left- wing parties in the past, as well as with Berlusconi’s Moderate, Center-Right, Libertarian Party ‘Forza Italia’. Fratelli d’Italia is heir to Italy’s prevous Right-Wing parties, which is why it could never be defined as conservative. It’s roots are Socialist (and therefore Left), with a Nationalist bent.

    As a Conservative myself, I blanch at the claims of such individuals as Giorgia Meloni to the title of right-wing and Conservative; they are not whom they claim to be, sowing confusion amongst foreign political analysts attempting to define them. If only Meloni were far more right-wing, according to the North American standards of conservative/liberal! But Giorgia Meloni, leader of the party ‘Brothers of Italy’, spent her youth and young adulthood as a militant leader of the the controversial Party Movimento Sociale Italiana, founded by Giorgio Almirante, a noted Mussolini apologist. In 1994, MSI became Alleanza Nazionale, led in Meloni’s youth by Gianfranco Fini, which disintegrated after Fini began to alter the party’s traditional approach to politics, culminating in its support for the creation of a technical government led by Mario Monti. This led to the exodus in 2014 of numerous members – Meloni included – in order to found their own party, which they claimed at the time would be more faithful to the philosophy and sentiments of the founder of MSI.

    Let’s take a closer look at the heir to Movimento Sociale Italiana: the term ‘social’ should give away the nature of the party, as well as explain the mentality of assistential, nanny- state socialism, painfully obvious is the proposals of Fratelli d’Italia, which speak of more expenditures like free daycare, and therefore higher taxes – instead of defiscalizing work, business, family and properties, as these are the true sources of wealth which every country posesses, fundamental for maintaining a healthy business cycle. Curiously – and in contrast to the movement’s original, rather anti-American posture, Fratelli d’Italia has adopted an uncompromising pro-Atlantist, pro-Ukraine stance, at the very historical moment in which such a stance is inopportune and inexpedient for our country (One of every two Italians is AGAINST any participation in the Ukraine conflict). The party has expressed neutrality on the Roe vs Wade decision, when its duty would be to firmly promote a pro-family, anti-abortion culture. It has not expressed intention to assist families in any way in the face of an unprecedented economic crisis caused by sanctions against Russia, energy costs which are 32 times their average prices, the long-term ramifications of Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates – either by means of tax-exemptions, school vouchers and direct financial relief – nor has it criticized the unscientific, unconstitutional approaches which the previous coalition and technical governments have adopted over the past two and a half years, or defended the constitutional rights of that persecuted distinct minority of unvaccinated Italians, from its position of Opposition. FdI’s analysis of the Ukraine conflict, and the ensuing economic crisis is troubling, deluded and preposterous, as well.

    In other words, there is very little of traditional conservative values about Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia (yes, we remember the pre-covid video of Meloni’s speech at the Prolife Meeting in Verona organized by Provita e Famiglia – would that she spoke like that today!): neither fiscal, economic, social, religious, cultural nor in terms of international relations. By North American standards, she and her party might be defined as Libertarian on most cultural issues, with a rather questionable past. Therefore, the huge consensus which Fratelli d’Italia has recieved, is based upon votes of protest, predominantly against PD: against a Leftist political elite which has continued to govern for the past 11 years without democratic consensus, which has destroyed our Health System, our Education System, has infiltrated and taken over the giudiciary, is anti-Italian, pro-EU, esterofile, for the destruction of the nuclear family, is radically pro-abortion, has attempted the economic destruction of our country through covid lockdowns, and persecuted its populus with vaccine mandates, discriminating against those who refused the jab; it is also a protest against Lega, by whom many previous voters feel betrayed for their participation in the previous Draghi technical government, and Salvini’s 2019 decision to call for an election, which led to the unholy union between PD and M5Stelle; but it is most certainly an attempt by unvaccinated, practicing Catholics to avoid the vaccine mandates which PD had insisted upon in its electoral campaign, as well as their hope that their votes would contribute to marginalizing the risk of increased illegal immigration, gay marriage, automatic citizenship to foreign students studying in Italy, laws introducing the limitation of free speech – all of which were part of PD’s party platform.

    Although active participation in elections has been dropping rapidly over the past 25 years, the fact that little over 50% of the Italian population cast their votes on the 25th of September 2002, at a moment of such historical importance, is indicative of the sense of disenchantment and lack of trust in our governing entities. Most people do not identify with any of the parties able to run for office. These were votes which were not necessarily FOR Fratelli d’Italia, because from their position of Opposition, they did nothing to protest the suspension of constitutional rights, or the systemic discrimination of the Unvaccinated, but rather AGAINST PD, in particular. Will Giorgia Meloni grow into the position of conservative premier? Only time will tell.

    *Disclaimer: I love, respect and admire Giorgia Meloni, and could find it in my heart to forgive her for FdI’s lack of true opposition and support for discriminated Italians, if she would only reembrace the line which FDI had begun to adopt several years ago, prior to the Covid crisis. Deo volente . . .

  • Famine is coming

    Governmentally induced famine is already upon us, as our severe energy crisis will logically lead to a food crisis. It would be wise, therefore, to begin storing food, and searching for land upon which to care for a garden: while such an effort may seem daunting, it is perhaps the least challenging task we will face over the course of the next several years. Farming is exhausting, back-breaking work with an extremely narrow profit margin, so perhaps this effort will also serve as a reminder is to appreciate the work of these brilliant individuals who nurture us and our families.

    Food security is a serious issue.

    As we have mentioned previously, it is eerily striking that the protests of Dutch farmers recieved no coverage in the mainstream Italian media, but the intent is obvious: to prevent intelligent individuals from deducing the ultimate objective behind the mass expropriation of Dutch farmland, whilst avoiding the possibility that any Italian farmers develop sentiments of solidarity and support systems to protect their own lands.

    Dutch farmers – perhaps the most extraordinary farmers in the world – own roughly 62% of the land in the Netherlands, and despite the country’s small population of 18 million people, are the second largest food exporters in the world. Thank you, Dutch farmers!

    The Dutch globalist government, headed by Schwab’s altarboy Mark Rutte (the other is Justin Trudeau), seems to care little about the fact that winter is coming, energy prices have skyrocketed, and a food crisis is on the way. He apparently has taken issue with the Netherlands’ hyper-efficient farmers, and intends to expropriate huge swaths of farmland, with the excuse of limiting excess nitrogen production, claiming that the fertilizing process pollutes the atmosphere (in Germany, which is on the border of the Netherlands, they make the preposterous claim that Co2 is the culprit, demonstrating that globalists simply tailor-make their talking points to suit their wims).

    This is an example of how the radical globalist regime is attempting to bring these efficent, independantly-minded Dutch farmers to heel, by effectively destroying them. Yet running these farmers out of business by claiming they are one of the root causes of pollution (and we call BS on that, obviously: Europe contributes to less than 8% of the World’s pollution), does not resolve the logistical question: from whence will we then purchase our food? India? China? If we put the most efficient farmers in the world out of business, who will do the farming?


    Natural gas, as you know, is used to make nitrogen based fertilisers, by means of the Haber-Bosch process, which takes natural gas and converts it using atmospheric air, thus creating ammonia, urea or ammonium nitrate: a vital process for the lives of billions of people on earth. It has only been around for about 110 years, and is one of the factors permitting the expansion of the world’s population.

    2  + 3 H 2  → 2 NH   (ΔH = −92,4 kJ·mol −1 )

    War correspondant Michael Yon has created a map of European fertiliser plants which have either shut down or greatly reduced their quantities of production. At the moment, we are living off of the bounty of the previous year’s harvest, at which time there was plentiful fertilizer and widely available food, which is now depleted. Food supplies are diminishing, fertilizers are not being produced in amounts anywhere close to what may be considered as adequate, China and India are hoarding food, probably to sell their stores on the world market when the famine begins, whilst their own population starves. It has happened before.

    Germany is about to Collapse under the Burden of lack of Energy, as well as Energy Prices

    Germany is going downhill quickly, and its demise has been accelerated by the explosion of energy costs, care of the speculations of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange! The natural gas pipeline North Stream 2 has never been inaugurated, because Germany will not certify its opening. North Stream 1, which was turned off on the 31st of August, was vital for Germany and Europe. Since the Ukraine conflict has commenced, North Stream 1 has gone from 100% flow to 22%, to 0% on the 31st of August. Even when it was at 22%, that still signified that Germany would have run out of gas by early 2023, during Germany’s coldest monthes.

    Germany’s answer thusfar has been to establish warming stations in school gymnasiums, to help keep people warm. It should be interesting to observe the interactions between the Germanic tribes and the newly arrived Somali tribes, but we digress.

    Mass Migration

    Michael Yon, who has been travelling the world tirelessly to provide up-to -date- reporting on this distpoic globalist coreography, spoke recently about his regular visits to the Darien Gap , Columbia ( a jungle gap between Columbia and Panama, which is very rugged and dangerous), and about how he has observed that the flow of mass illegal migration has already increased dramatically. Tragically many migrants attempting the Darien Gap drown, or fall off what has been dubbed ‘The Mountain of Death’, or they get lost in the jungle, never to be found. Yetthey are coming up in massive numbers never seen before : Africans, Asians, Mainland Chinese every day, large numbers of Pakistanis, Indians, Somalis, Yemenis, Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, Peruvians, and the flow is increasing in correspodance to the collapse of these economies.

    The ‘Human Osmotic pressure’, (a term coined by Yon to embody the physical concept behind the phenomenon of mass world migration), which is being created by these food shortages is going to be increasing enormously over the course of the next year, setting up South America and Meditteranean Countries such as Italy, as funnels, through Panama and the Mediteranean Sea. U.S. borders are being overwhelmed, and exactly the same phenomena is occuring throughout Europe. Over 50% of the population of Luxembourg consists is recent migrants. The face of Europe has been perhaps irreversibly altered.

    Keep in mind that this is exactly the desired result of our governments: Yon reports that recently Alejandro Maiorcas (U.S. secretary of Homeland Security!) came to this corridor of mass migration, and had the sizes of the camps doubled and new arteries opened, in order to increase the flow of migration. Luciana Lamorgese of Italy (Minister of the Interior) has all but gone on a two year holiday – except when there are protests against vaccine mandates, the Super Green Pass, the wearing of surgical masks, etc. : then she rules against her subjects with an Iron Fist.

    The UK, Netherlands and Russia are full of natural gas, as is Italy, and most of these countries could be self- sufficient from this perspective, but Globalist -sponsored Green activists are blocking access to these precious resources through radical, propagandistic environmental campaigns, and therefore . . . . . people are going to freeze to death this winter, and next year, there will be profound food shortages due to lack of chemical fertilizers, which will further drive mass migration. We could name it: ‘The Schwab Cycle’.


  • This is not an Election: It is a Coup

    As Italy’s election date of the 25th of September draws nearer, its attempt at the reestablishment of Democracy is further away than ever.

    A modified article (18 bis, comma 2) of a preexisting law (n.361, 30th of March, 1957) approved unanimously on the 28th of June 2022 by Italian parliament, states that any political party present in at least one of the chambers of parliament prior to the date of December 21st, 2021, is exempted from the collection of signatures in order to demonstrate and ratify electoral support, even if they have not recieved more than 1% of votes nationally. Parliament was then dissolved on the 25th of July, and an annoucement made by Sergio Mattarella that elections would be held on the 25th of September, leaving new political movements born of the Covid/Constitutional crisis with significant logistic and meteorological obstacles: only a few weeks to legally ratify their parties with a notary, gather signatures of adherents in every region, deposit the signatures by the 22nd of August, and then commence an electoral campaign, and all of this during the hottest month of the year, when more than 80% of Italians are on holiday. Not only were these modifications clearly made to prevent any dissident voice from democratically participating in the political life of the country: they were approved and ratified unanimously, with the support of every party – opposition party included – and accepted by the President of the Republic, who is also the representative head of Italian Magistrates. All of these events are occuring in deafening silence, thanks to the complicit mainstream media, which has censured the very existance of these dissident parties. This scenario embodies the textbook definition of FASCISM.

    A Brief History of recent political corruption in Italy, the Bel Paese

    In 2011, Italy’s last democratically elected prime minister was forced by the President of the BCE (Mario Draghi) to resign, due to a notable rise in the Italian spread, attributed to presumed political instability, established by the dubious – and certainly not impartial – evaluation of Standard and Poor’s. The BCE itself could have intervened to prevent the rise in the spread, but it was evident that the powers that be desired to rid themselves of Berlusconi, and more importantly – his finance minister Giulio Tremonti, who had his own plans to assist Italy in reestablishing some symbolic economic autonomy.

    Berlusconi was followed by SEVEN YEARS of unelected technical governments formed mysteriously by the minority PD party, with representatives of PD also functioning as prime minister (Mario Monti, Paulo Gentiloni, Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi). This political distopia was never the reflection of the will of the Italian populace, and in 2018, PD was soundly trammeled by the Lega – a moderately populist party – and Movimento Cinque Stelle, founded by comic guru and charletan Beppe Grillo (the Five Star Movement: No PD, no Tav, No vax, No EU, No Euro, No immigration, ‘happy’ stagnation).

    Lega and Movimento Cinque Stelle – the two political parties with over 30% of the votes – agreed to form a coalition government, but the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, would not permit them to choose a prime minister from their ranks, nor did he allow the two winning parties to choose those Ministers with significant functions, refusing outright the nomination of Professor Savona – a name agreed upon by both parties – as Minister of the Economy, due to his anti- EU and anti-Euro position. Matteo Salvini, Secretary of Lega, was relegated to the position of Minister of Defense, and M5S chose to place Luigi di Maio in the role of Foreign Minister (just to be clear: Giggino barely speaks Italian. It is preposterous and deligitimizing for the entire country to have such a figure occupy so significant a political role, but President Mattarella approved. And Di Maio is significantly richer, his palms oiled with copious quantities of CCP cash.) As Prime Minister, an obscure professor of Law named Giuseppe Conte was approved by Matarella, and as it turns out, Conte was a card -carrying member of the PD party. Do you now understand why it is so important to abolish the function of President of the Republic? This is certainly no figurehead: this indivual chooses the Prime Minister, approves the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers, and may suspend parliament. Only he may decide if a new election is necessary, and as you will now observe, these unelected figures (who in the past 20 years have been exclusively Leftists and members of PD) suspend and dissolve parliament for elections only when it will benefit their party: otherwise, a new coalition – even of warring political factions – must be found at all costs.

    After a year of struggling unsuccessfully with the M5S party to achieve any significant political changes, in August of 2019, Lega called for a dissolving of parliament and another election in order to gain a stronger majority. There was nothing to fear: M5S had sworn it would never ally itself with PD! It had insulted, threatened, ridiculed and protested vocally against the PD party for years, even going so far as stating that they had to DIE! And yet . . . President Mattarella invited PD to make overtures to the M5S party, and voilà: by September 2019, Italy had a coalition government formed of M5S (which had been at 35%) in the 2018 elections, and PD, which had been at 17%. Once again, PD was in a position of power, and this diabolical movement literally took charge of the goverment, taking advantage of the M5S party’s complete lack of experience (and primary school education, it would seem, although Renzi also has a penchant for Ministers who never complete their obbligatory educational careers). Giuseppe Conte was reconfirmed as prime minister, because, of course, Italians discovered only then that Conte was a rather significant figure within the PD party.

    At any rate, this reality left Italy with the Lega – for whom a relative majority of Italians had voted – in opposition, together with Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy, the name of Italy’s national anthem) and with Forza Italia, Berlusconi’s party. Covid arrived, and the Conte – M5S – Pd coalition government officially declared a national emergency (one month after it had published its declaration of emergency in the government’s Official Gazzette, and during which time it took absolutely no precautions). This government then proceeded to strip Italians of their constitutional rights, ruling over them by weekly administrative ‘decrees’, while the President of the Republic looked on passively. After numerous protests and failures, rather than permitting elections, Mattarella simply replaced Conte with Mario Draghi, President of the group of 30, former President of Goldman Sachs, former president of the BCE (responsible for the fall of Berlusconi’s government), former president of the Ministry of the Treasury: literally, the man behind the super-sale of government- owned assests to foreign interests and business cronies, including Goldman Sachs, at costs far below presumed market value, and against the best interests of Italians. Draghi’s government was also made possible by the approval of Lega and Forza Italia – leading huge swaths of their electorate feeling deeply betrayed – to which Lega in particular responded that it was better to be within the coalition, in order to prevent the already radicalized situation from precipitating further into authoritarian chaos. Fratelli d’Italia chose the option of remaining the only party in opposition, although they avoided agitating the waters by approving the bast majority of governmental decisions, whilst remaining in silence before the evident injustice of the discrimination of that distinct minority which refused the vaccine mandate. These huge numbers of individuals remained without any democratic representation.

    Many Italians believed at this time that the structural disaster occuring within Italian society and the crumbling of its economy was due to mismanagement and incompetancy, rather than the outcome of a historically deliberated plan to destroy what was – prior to joining the EU and adopting its currency – the fourth greatest industrial Power in the world (the plan is to snatch Italy’s wealth by forced removal of money from private bank accounts, as occured in 1992 during the ministership of Giuliano Amato – now, bewilderingly the head of the Constitutional Court – as well as our properties and gold stores – the third greatest in the world). Many welcomed the possibilty of being governed by such a reknowned figure. Yes, he was a sub-prime pirate. Yes, he had been defined by former President of the Republic Federico Cossiga, as ‘a vile, unscrupulous moneymaker’. And of course, in his letter to members of the Group of 30, dated the 20th of December 2020, he speaks of the necessity of ‘creative destruction’ of what he defines as ‘zombie’ businesses, which are in fact the small and micro businesses owned by Italians for generations, upon which millions of individuals depend in order to survive, and which have been exported as a business model all over the world.

    A modified article (18 bis, comma 2) of a preexisting law (n.361, 30th of March, 1957) approved unanimously on the 28th of June 2022 by Italian parliament, states that any political party present in at least one of the chambers of parliament prior to the date of December 21st, 2021, is exempted from the collection of signatures in order to demonstrate and ratify electoral support, even if they have not recieved more than 1% of votes nationally. Parliament was then dissolved on the 25th of July, and an annoucement made by Sergio Mattarella that elections would be held on the 25th of September, leaving new political movements born of the Covid/Constitutional crisis with significant logistical and meteorological hurdles to overcome: only a few weeks to legally ratify their parties with a notary, gather signatures of adherents in every region, deposit the signatures by the 22nd of August, and then commence an electoral campaign, and all of this during the hottest month of the year, when more than 80% of Italians are on holiday. Not only were these modifications clearly made to prevent any dissident voice from democratically participating in the political life of the country: they were approved and ratified unanimously, with the knowledge and support of every party – opposition party included – and accepted by the President of the Republic, who is also the representative head of Italian Magistrates. And all of this is occuring in the complete silence of the mainstream media, who have censured the very existance of these dissident parties. This scenario embodies the textbook definition of FASCISM.

    Furthermore, on the 8th of September, 2022, the newspaper Repubblica published an interview with Health Minister Robert Speranza, citing him as having stated that there are 15.2 million Italians who have not yet recieved the first dose of the Cov19 innoculation (this is roughly 25% of the Italian population): statement which contradicts various official government websites, which claim a number around 7 million for those members of the population who have ‘not yet received a first dose’. Although we have attempted to shed light on this discrepancy, there has been no public retraction or correction, either on the part of the newspaper or the Minister himself. Which raises the question of manipulation and/or obfuscation of official data regarding the very population which has no official government representation, and has had ridiculously little time to communicate and coalesce in order to form a party worthy of representing its cause. It is possible that the forces that be are aware that the population which is our topic of discussion is actually much more numerous that anyone previously believed, which is why they took preemptive action with the modifications introduced at the end of June. It may also be the case, that the powers that be desire to delude this population into believing they are a larger number than they are in actuality, providing them with the necessary convinction to vote for the miniscule, courageous parties which – if the numbers of the unvaccinated are so low – have little hope of entering parliament, thus dispersing the value of a vote which may – half-heartedly – have been cast in favour of the center Right, in order to avoid the consolidated win of PD.

    The management of the country under Mario Draghi shifted from catastrophic to what we may now define as apocalyptic. And yet, whatever will become of this country after the election of the 25th of September, it will certainly not be a clear reflection of the desires of the Italian population, as their options and intent have already been curtailed prior to reaching the election booth.

  • The Italian Conservative Manifesto

    by Italian Conservatives for Tradition and the Constitution

    Firstly, an amendment to the Constitution is required, which recognizes that our innate God-given rights precede any written Constitution, and that they have their origins in Natural Law, which is written on our souls – endowed upon us by our Creator -and is that which has been codified by Canon Law and ratified by the Social Doctrine of the Church. The Second Amendment to the Constitution must regard the inherent right of every Italian to defend his/her family, property and business, by means of legally acquired firearms, which shall be purchased after follwing a necessary technical iter and professional assessment of mental health. Any Italian wrongfully condemned to imprisonment for valiantly defending his or her family, property, business, etc., will be immediatelty pardoned, and will recieve economic reembursement for damages. The Third amendment will effectively eliminate the role and function of president of the the Republic. the Fourth amendment is the abolishment of the so-called ‘Senatori a Vita’, their stipends, and all indemnities and pensions recieved by individuals who have served in parliament. The Fifth amendment will require – based upon the Catholic conception of subsidiarity – a return to federal management of services to the citizens of each region, radically limiting centralized interference.


    All incomes will be raised to correspond to the EU median correspective range for each occupation, as we are now the country with the lowest incomes in all of the EU, followed only by Greece. At the beginning of the year 2000, Italy was the World’s fourth industrial power, which is an extraordinary feat in and of itself, if we take into consideration the geographic dimensions and the population. There is no other explanation for Italy’s economic stagnation besides the usage of the Euro and the idiotic burocracy of the EU.

    Eliminate property tax for families: a family may own a property for each member of the family, and will not pay a cent of property tax for that number. A family will only pay taxes on the number of properties which exceed the number of family members.

    Reduce propert taxes to a minimum: as we know that the ownership property is the fundamental building block of wealth and prosperity, and as we observe the cannibalistic tendancies of multinationals which purchase entire swaths of property in developed nations, making home ownership almost impossible, we are stating that incentives for the acquistion of farmland and properties for italians residing full-time in Italy – whether it be in the form of cooperatives or individuals or groups of families – will be implemented immediately. In order to avoid speculation upon our housing market, no foreigners or foreign business entities will be permitted to acquire property, unless they are capable of demonstrating personal use, and permanent residency.

    The abolition of ‘reddito di cittadinanza‘, converting the amount spent on n’eer do wells and Mafiosi into scholarships for every child (800Euro), from birth to the end of his/her scholastic career.

    It has been established that the cost of living of every family unit rises by roughly 20% with each child. Therefore, a conservative government must reduce an individual’s tax bracket by 20% for each dependant (including elderly parents, and the stay-at-home parent). No woman shall pay any taxes ever, after her fourth child.

    The privatization of Essential Services is not only contrary to the public good: it is also contrary to the express intent of our Constitution. Foreign companies speculating parasitically upon Italian essential services will be expunged from our territory, with a symbolic indemnity. Water and highways will be free for all Italians. Nuclear energy plants will be constructed to provide clean, inexpensive energy. The hydraulic energy plants in our mountainous regions will be placed back into the hands of the State. The majority of ownership of ENI will return to the State.

    Vatican City processes enormous quantities of money every day, and although it is situated on Italian soil, it has been competely devoid of financial audits, despite the ever growning numbers of financial scandals and demonstrated links to Cosa Nostra finances. This governent is calling for an independant audit of the Vatican bank, Vatican finances, and also a public inquiry into the sexual abuse scandals of recent years, including the Theodor McCarrick case.


    School vouchers for all who request them, for all children attending Catholic Schools, Private Schools and homeschooling (the parity of the schools will be verified by the Minister of Education; children attending homeschooled will be required to participate in testing twice per year).

    All elementary schools, middle schools and highschools, regardless of curriculum, will study Latin and the Chatechism of the Catholic Church, taught only by approved priests, as well as the Constitution.

    All schools will study music, require the participation in choirs, bands and orchestras, which will require the employment of professional musicians.

    All schools will require uniforms, and have dress codes.

    Children will not be permitted to have personal phones until the age of 18.

    There will be no English taught during school hours, unless by a mother-tongue teacher.

    No baby or child shall be placed in daycare: families will recieve financial contributions of 800 Euro per month (tax free) for every child UNTIL THE CHILD COMPLETES HIS/HER SCHOLASTIC formation, to be rewarded only and exclusively to one family member responsible for the full-time care of the child (mother, father, grandparent).

    Culture and Tourism

    should return to being two seperate Ministries.

    Firstly, the City of Rome must have a seperate management system exclusively for it’s cultural endowments, monuments, museums and architecture, which will require the establishement of an independant commission operating independantly of the office of the Mayor.

    Communist and Fascist symbols, gestures, manifestations, etc, are forbidden. Their usage will be punished by law. Blashphemy will return to being punished by law. Innappropriate public behaviour, disturbance of the peace, will return to being punishable by law.

    Though Catholicism – which is the source of all Good, Truth and Beauty in our society – will have pride of place in Cultural discussions and considerations, there will be no discrimination based upon race, creed or sex, which also siginifies that the concept of parity will be abolished, replaced by meritocracy.

    Citizenship may be awarded only to those adult individuals who have resided at least 10 years in Italy, are able to speak fluent Italian, are familiar with the Constitution and with Italy’s laws, have studied and understood Italy’s culture, and the Chatechism of the Catholic Church, upon whose creed the country’s culture is based, and who swear fealty to the Country and its Constitution.

    All Churches will offer both the Tridentine rite and the Novus Ordo latin rite. Failure to do so will lead to the immediate suspension of the Catholic Church’s tax-free status. Professional musicians will be employed by churches to provide adequate accompaniment to Liturgical celebrations.

    No Italian tourist attractions may be owned or managed by foreign entities. (The ‘concorrenza’ bill pushed by Draghi and the EU, which would essentially permit mutinationals to come in and occupy seaside space, depriving hundrends of thousand of Italians – many of whom have invested large quantities of private funds in their enterprises – of gainful employement, may go the way of the DODO Bird,). These include: beachside services, seaside resorts, entertainment parks, theaters, hotels, restaurants, museums, spas, thermal springs, etc.

    Tourists are accustomed to being tricked by charletans. Let’s avoid such experiences ever happening again, by guaranteeing a 360° tourist experience of the highest quality. By providing registered lists of services which have met the sanitary, culinary and aesthetic approval of Italian experts, ( and bygetting criminals off the street), the Italian government will set the minds of tourists at rest.

    No country worth a grain of salt is without a National Airline. It is time to bring this matter back to the drawing table, to ensure that previous mistakes are no longer repeated.


    Absolutely no GMOs, no additives, preservatives, sulfites, hormones or steroids. Time to get Italy back to healthy eating before it is too late. The EU and its corrupt commission know what to do with their preposterous, outlandish burocratic bilge.

    No foreigner, or foreign agricultural entity may purchase Italian farmland, nor may any Italian agricultural entity purchase italian farmland with the intent to let it to foreign entities. While cooperatives are encouraged in order to give smaller businesses an opportunity of competing in a larger market, any monopolies will be quashed in their nascence.

    There will be no limitations on production, no taxation on Italian farmers, who are already operating within extremely limited earning margins, no annexation of their lands. They will be provided with incentives for the acquistion of further plots of farmland for the expansion of their farms, and everything will be done to support them throughout this challenging historical period. Farmers, we need and appreciate you! You are the backbone of our society!

    Foreign Policy

    We are about to witness the greatest economic crisis in – perhaps – centuries. If we were to follow through with the decisions made by the Draghi regime, in a few monthes, half a million small businesses will go bankrupt. One in four Italians will be unemployed. We must reach out to our neighbours in order to establish diplomatic relations, and this especially with our African neighbours to the South, as they may very well be the worst hit by what will be enormous food shortages, lack of low-priced energy, etc. If we and African leaders do not intervene to halt energy sanctions, and stop this insane war in Ukraine, we will have hundreds of millions of Africans attempting to reach Europe in the false belief that the situation in better here. And we will continue shifting from crisis to crisis, as this will be perhaps the largest Humanitarian crisis in centuries. Every minute is precious. For ourselves as a nation, and for the good of the whole world, this madness must stop.

    We iterate the neutrality of Italy. No Nato, No WHO, NO IMF, No EU, no Euro. Nato and the US must pay Italy retroactively for 70 +years of occupation of Italian soil, and will be fined handsomely if it is discovered that there are any nuclear weapons placed on Italian soil, unbeknownst to the government, and most especially, its citizens.

    No money to any other country – especially those countries which persecute Christians. And no citizenship to imigrants arriving from those countries (unless they are Christians escaping persecution, obviously).

    China must be boycotted on humanitarian grounds, as well as fined for Covid damages.There will be no boycotting of any country with whom we have no direct conflict (Russia), although China must be boycotted for humanitarian reasons (persecution of Christians, the mass incarceration of Uighurs, the enslavement of their own people in the service of cannibalistic capitalism, the production and release of the Sars Cov 1 and 2 viruses, their ownership of the the President of the WHO, their constant dissemination of lies and propaganda).

    Conservatives are calling for a Debt Jubilee, pardoning half of all the World’s debt. This was permitted to Germany at the end of World War II. The accumulated debt of Germany – guilty of instigating both of the WWars – was divided in two. 50% was pardoned, and the other 50% was paid back over 45 years with 0 interest, during which time Germany was not obliged to pay tarriffs, and therefore flooded the world market with large numbers of consumer goods of inferior quality ( similar to China). The 50 % which was pardoned was expected to be paid only in the case of a possible reunification with Eastern Germany, which did indeed occur. There has been no repayment of that percentage of Germany’s war debt, BTW). Contrary to popular belief, the high taxes paid in Italy are funnelled off almost exclusively towards the payment of this country’s debt, which irresponsible governors began to incrue even prior to the country’s unification. If we are improve the quality of life for our citizens and the citizens of the world, this usury must end.


    10% Flat tax for all Italian businesses.

    Multinationals such as Amazon pay 65%. Bezos must pay a retroactive fine to Italy for operating during the 2020 lockdown, during which Italian small businesses were forced to be closed, of 25 billion Euro. MIcrosoft will pay 65% also, and owns Italy a retroactive fine for the amount acquired due to forced home online working during various lockdowns.


    Conservatives deplore the state of abandon of Italian scientific research, which is almost completely devoid of any government funding. The State will provide adequate financial assistance to universities, hospital research centers and ethical pharamceutical companies which are on the frontlines of ethical experimentation, yet have no financial means of supporting further progress towards their desirable outcomes.

    No sane Minister of Health would permit the depletion of fundamental stocks of medecine, yet, not only do we have no stockpile of essential pharmaceuticals: we do not even have the means of their production, which forces the State to outsource to countries such as India and China, whose sanitary, ethical and moral ideals have no resemblance to ours. We are for the implementation of State-owned, independantly run pharmaceutical companies which provide all fundamental prescription medecines for the country’s needs, at a far lower cost to citizens, while providing job opportunities to our exceptionally well-prepared scientists.

    The government does not recognize any constitutional right to abortion, birth control, and therefore will remove all funding from these practices. For reasons regarding long-term reproductive health, increased risk of miscarriage, and higher overall risk of breast cancer, women are discouraged from this option. As we know, for every child given up to adoption, there are more than 30 couples available to provide a loving family environment, and therefore this option – if no other is available – should be considered the most viable.

    Innovation, Public Policy

    The State will invest in the creation of Italy’s own operation systems, through ownership of tech companies, which will guarantee Italian citizens easy, extremly inexpensive access to the internet for all activities; absolute privacy; complete parental control; 0 pornography; 0 advertisements; 0 secret data acquistion.

    This operating system will also permit Italian Regions to communicate with one another, providing one another with official online documents, therefore making relocation of citizens from one region to another a question of a few minutes, as opposed to monthes and monthes of exhausting burocracy.

    There will be no digitalization of personal identification, there will be no obligatory vaccinations, there will be no requirement stating we must show any private records in order to participate in the public sphere, or frequent public places, or ride public transport, etc.

    Investment in mining, drilling and the reopening of natural gas ducts.


    Removal of 90% of taxes from the cost of fossil fuels.

    The construction of a direct highway – between Milan and Rome, preferably exclusively for cameons. Idem for the South.

    All highways in Italy will be free for Italian citizens.

    Improvement of Sourthern infrastructures.

    Any car devoid of up to date anti-particle filters will no longer be permitted to circulate.

    Ministry of War

    Military occupation of areas infested by Cosa Nostra.

    In order to avoid war, we must be well armed and prepared. We call for important investments in National Defense, raising of salaries, rigorous, challenging recruitment, ongoing training for all areas of Defense, from our military, to the Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, polizia locale. Any member of our armed forces who is no longer capable of performing his/her duty, should opt for early retirement, an office job, or forensics, because we no longer wish to see our men and women in uniform, choosing the easy path of harassing upright citizens over mask mandates (against the law) and greenpasses: there is already a war to be fought on this soil, against Cosa Nostra, drug dealers, prostitution, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

    We will have 0 tolerance for those who sell drugs: from Fentanyl arriving on Chinese freight ships, to its sale and distribution in our cities’ parks, and perpetrators will be immediately arrested, imprisoned, and sent back to their countries of origin. No more second chances, much to the disappointment of Soros -funded Italian PMs.

    There will be 0 tolerance for disrespect for the law: from minor infractions to major crimes and misdemeanors, the police will be back, doing the job it had sworn to do, that is: protecting the nation and its citizens from criminals, thugs, and those dishonest individuals who believe that the police has lost all dignity and integrity.

    All Italians will be required to undergo military training and courses for the handling of arms, and will be expected to participate in regular updates (i.e. annual), with an eye to maintaining health and physical activity as part of an integrated healthy lifestyle.

    Participation in secret sects aimed at undermining national and personal sovereignty (Masonry, Trilateral, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Davos, WEF, Aspen), will be held to be an act of high treason, causing the loss of citizenship.


    Construction of underground basins for the gathering of rain water. Replacement of public water services to avoid dispersion of water ( estimated to be 50% losses as of present).

    Construction of nuclear power plants across Italy.

    Modernization ( insulation, replacement of roofing, windows, inefficient electrical systems, air conditioning) of all public service edifaces across Italy, including hospitals, schools, police and fire departments, court houses, government buildings, museums, theatres, universities. Financial incentives for the renovation of older homes. Permission to add efficient wood-burning stoves as a heating alternative.

    No crop burning.

    Reopen closed traffic arteries which have led to traffic and polution in the downtown core.

    Establish independant commissions for the handling of public waste in cities such as Rome and Naples.

  • Shia LeBoeuf has converted to Catholicism: What the Italian mainstream Media is NOT telling you!

    In Italy, the Tridentine Rite has been all but completely suppressed. There are still priests who bravely celebrate the Mass of the Ages, but secretly, in hiding: a scenario reminiscent of past Soviet and Protestant persecutions, and at times that of the early Christian Masses celebrated in the catacombs beneath Imperial Rome.

    What is so striking, however, is the ominous accord that seems to have been established between the Vatican and ALL MAINSTREAM ITALIAN MEDIA: there is no mention of these persecutions, of the outrageous suppressions, in any newspaper published across the country, and although these restrictions had already ocurred in the past, they are now ratified and normalized by Pope Francis’ Moto Proprio ‘Traditiones Custodes’ (Guardians of the Tradition!), in direct contradiction to the Moto Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum, which permitted and encouraged the celebration of the Vetus Ordo Rite.

    The mainstream Italian media has completely censured Shia Le Boeuf’s statement that his conversion to Catholicism is due to his direct participation in the Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Vetus Ordo , whilst interpreting the part of Padre Pio di Pietralcina. Le Boeuf has spoken of the profound mystical experience which the Tridentine Rite provides, in stark contrast to the obnoxious, noisy, worldly Novus Ordo Masses he has previously attended, and that this eventually led to his conversion. (Saint Padre Pio of Petralcina celebrated ONLY the Vetus Ordo Rite).

    In his interview with Bishop Barron of Word on Fire, Le Boeuf outlined his difficult childhood, his fiery, alternative youth, his disruptive, drug and alcohol ridden 20’s, during which it becomes evident that the Church, by repressing this beautiful rite, is doing a terrible disservice to everyone, but most especially to those individuals torn and wounded by Sin and doubt, who are searching for a glimpse of the promise of Redemption and Eternity. Yet there is more: it is creepy and disquieting to consider that there is some clandestine agreement between the Vatican and the Italian Press to silence even the slightest acknowledgment of a Rite which has existed for almost 2,000 years, and which has provided us with all of out great saints, and the spiritual sustenance to support the efforts of the Militant Church.

    Rebecca de Broglie Vannicelli