Who is Ursula? What is she?

Ursula von Der Jabs and the Creation of a Two-tiered Society of Jabbeds and Jabbed-Nots.

The sums of money involved in vaccinating the world are monumental, which is like swill to a pig when it comes to corrupt politicians, most of whom are out for all they can get these days. And as the old saying goes: “follow the money”, it is always instructive to take a look at the recent antics of the élites of our political class, as they snuffle around next to the overflowing coffers of Big Pharma’s multi-billion dollar pandemic payday.

Which brings us to Ursula von de Leyen, the immaculately coiffured president of the European Commission, who on the 1st o December announced the need to start serious discussions about mandatory vaccines across the entire European union. Then, on the 2nd of December, Frau Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced lockdowns for the unvaccinated along with a proposed mandatory vaccine program, starting in early 2022.

According to the NYT, Ursula von der Leyen was involved in the purchasing agreement for 1.8 billion Pfizer vaccines for the EU, which she partially conducted by telephone and text message with Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. Now these vaccines cost around 14 Euro a jab, so we are talking about a contract worth 25 billion Euros, a huge sum of money to be negotiated by private text (shades of Hillary) messages, and when von der Leyen was approached by a journalist from Der Spiegel about this peculiarity which hasn’t got very far yet because text messages are not subject to the usual EU data collection, and even if they were, von der Leyen has “lost” them, apparently, or the dog ate them, or she left them on the school bus… I mean, who cares? It’s only 25 billion Euro of tax payers’ money, after all!

 This led Der Spiegel to state: “Commission president Ursula von der Leyen is once again facing uncomfortable questions about allegedly deleted text messages. An expert described the practices as “legally questionable”. Well, yes, it is! Even the European parliament is unhappy with such shady dealings and has raised a parliamentary question headed “Von der Leyen’s text messages with the CEO of Pfizer commission violation of the regulation of public access to documents”.

Bu probably von der Leyen has little fear: if the pandemic has shown us one thing alone, it is that political elites haven’t given themselves “emergency” totalitarian powers for nothing. They can now do pretty much as they please.

Von der Leyen has a certain historical form when it comes to large amounts of money and disappearing data: when she was Germany’s Defence minister between 2013 to 2019, she was involved with arms contracts with India, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, all of which routinely built large backhanders into their costing equations when dealing with Western arms dealers. So not unsurprisingly, von der Leyen managed to land herself in hot water over all sorts of financial irregularities. But when investigators confiscated her mobile phones as part of their inquiry, they found she had wiped them clean. Now German MPs rightly stated that this might have destroyed the evidence. Well, yes. That was the point. And despite the huge sums of money involved in her time as Defence Minister, she never managed to find any to fund things that might really be in need of being funded, which resulted in the German Army turning up on Nato excercises with Dad’s army broomsticks rather than Schmeizer S-60’s, and her career to date has been described as “catastrophic mismanagement and a failure to deliver”. All encompassed amidst a litany of financial irregularities. But it all worked out in the end, because evidently these dodgy attributes eminently qualified her for her new job as President of the European Commission. Although she is Germany’s least loved Minister in modern history, for Bilderberg she can do no wrong, and hence is a classic example of failing upward.

It gets worse: in December 2020, her husband Heiko von der Leyen became medical director of a firm called Orgenisis (reporting a 425% increase of revenues in the third quarter of this year), which specializes in gene and cell therapy for the medical industry. Well, well, well. Just like the first-born of Italy’s Dragon. In May, Reuters announced that Orgenesis was gearing up to produce a covid 19 vaccine, which is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, obviously is that Ursula’s hubby just happens to work there, and secondly, that covid 19 vaccines are clearly set to remain in mass production for a very long time. Now, we do not know how this will affect Ursula’s unusually close relationship with Pfizer’s CEO Alberto Bourla, considering that hubby Heiko is now very much Pfizer’s competitor in the vaccine market.

By the way, the other day Prince Albert of Pfizer suggested that any who had the temerity to question the vaccine role out were nothing less than a criminals. Which is a bit rich, considering that between the years 2000-2021, Pfizer has been fined over two billion euros for all sorts of unsavoury antics linked to bribes, lies, and other examples of criminal comportments that Big Pharma seems to engage in all of the time.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, though. The top dogs of all international drug cartels are hardly the sort of people you would entrust your daughter to. Ah, but isn’t that exactly what our Ursula would like to force us to do? It is all completely unbelievable: dodgy politicians, huge amounts of money negotiated and paid out based on unrecorded private WhatsApp messages, dodgy big pharma cartels, utterly disinterested journalists. How much money has Big Media been paid, one wonders? All leading to where we are today: compulsory vaccinations promoted by an untrustworthy EU president, with both an unusually close relationship with Prince Albert of Pfizer, and a husband in on the future financial action to boot- Where are the investigations into this? Where are the journalists? It is beyond belief that there is no interest in exposing these scheisters, these fascist crooks, charlatans and gangsters who now hold full totalitarian power over us. Who are now in control of our very lives and the lives of our children? Seriously, how can you possibly trust any of them? They are all completely untrustworthy, and that is putting it mildly. Anyone unable to see this glaring reality is suffering from some form of derangement. Remember, it seems such a short time ago that we were told 2 weeks to flatten the curve. So what is it going to be like in 2023? 2024?2025? Surely, surely you must realize by now that they have no intention of allowing this to end.


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