Albert Bourla in an interview on Yahoo! Finance: “Everything has very quickly deteriorated because of the Omicron. It has been very quick. It is a disease which manifests itself with greater mildness, but because of the high infectious rates, the absolute numbers of hospitals are increased. We know that the full dose of the vaccine offers VERY LIMITED PROTECTION, IF ANY, the booster MAY add reasonable protection against hospitalization and death, less protection against infection. We are working on a new version of the vaccine 1.1, which will cover Omicron as well. We are waiting for results, so the vaccine will be ready in March (when it will no longer be needed).”

Pfizer CEO: New Covid-19 vaccine that covers Omicron ‘will be ready in March’ Yahoo! Finance Dq9_w (Youtube will not permit me to post this video).

With this statement, the pretext for any mandate just completely collapsed. No government can force an individual to be injected with an unknown substance which is non only potentially harmful, but has been scientifically demonstrated to be ineffective, declaration made by the manufacturers themselves. The full vaccination does not protect against Omicron. It does not attenuate the disease, which manifests itself in a relatively similar manner amongst the vaccinated and unvaccinated, although at least anecdotally the unvaccinated seem to have far milder symptoms, or none at all.

In South Africa, where Omicron was first detected, and there is a low level of vaccination (Africa’s vaccination average is 1.2%, with a death rate of 14:1,000,000, thanks to the regular profilactic use of Hydroxychloroquine against Malaria and Ivermectin against River Blindness) it is described as displaying symptoms “so mild, they may easily be missed.” and a 4 out of 10 on the sliding scale of severity of influenza symptoms.

Source: Great Britain News

In Spain, with cases of Omicron on the rise, Spain has adapted an Influenza Surveillance system to Covid-19 which clearly reflects their understanding of the lesser severity of this particular variant. Monitoring will no longer rely on exhaustive counts of ‘positive cases’, but rather on a network of experts (family doctors and hospital workers). Spanish authorities are finalizing a plan for a new Covid-19 surveillance system that will mirror the one that has been used for years to monitor the flu. The new system will extrapolate numbers from a statistically significant sample, rather than rely on daily reporting of each and every diagnosed infection.

The system comes as case counts in Spain continue to hit new records: on Friday, the Health Ministry reported 242,440 new infections. More than seven million coronavirus cases have now been detected since the beginning of the pandemic. Speaking on Friday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that most of the cases being registered were ASYMPTOMATIC, adding: “We are going to have to learn to live with it [the coronavirus] as we do with many other viruses,”

Health officials have been working for months on adapting what is known as influenza sentinel surveillance. Under the new system, there will be no more reporting of every single diagnosed infection, nor will tests be carried out at the slightest symptom. The coronavirus will be monitored just like any other respiratory illness, and close contacts of positive cases will no longer need to get tested unless displaying clear symptoms.

Source. ElPais


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