The Tragedy of the Waukasha Drive-by Mass Murders

On Sunday, a car plowed through a Waukasha Christmas parade, killing five and injuring over 40, many of whom are children. The heartbreaking footage is extremely explicit in its revelation that the criminal was purposely avoiding some people whilst pro-actively seeking to hit other individuals. Obviously, the media has immediately leapt to the defense of the black, career criminal in order to establish a narrative regarding this brutal and racist mass homicide: the criminal was fleeing another crime scene and drove across the parade “by accident” in order to avoid  .  .  .  what, we do not know, and this has already been debunked by knowledge of the direction from which he was driving, the alleged previous crime scene, and the location of the parade.

As if the Rittenhouse trial was not sufficient proof that there is no neutral media: CNN at 9:30 Eastern on Monday the 22nd of November, was still refusing to provide a profile of the criminal, alternately calling him he/she, then accusing an SUV of being responsible, although they had access to the police scanner audio broadcast description of the perp., available to the public. The description runs thus: “The guy is Durell Brooks, lighter skinned black male with dreadlocks”. He was released on a 1000$ bond, two days prior to the mass killings, for domestic abuse and bail-jumping. He is also a registered sex offender (pedophile), and a pimp, his social media is full of BLM nonsense which in a sane world would be defined as domestic terrorism. The media is covering for the perpetrator of the crime because of the colour of his skin, and therefor does not fit their narrative. Lies get amplified, truth is smothered in silence.

Research on the criminal suspect have established his racially motivated disdain for white people, bodily animus towards the police, criticism of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, his lamenting of the death of George Floyd, his quoting of Malcolm X, his black supremacist sympathies, invocations to kill white people, his openly admitting in social media videos to having sex trafficked underage girls, his creation of rap songs in which he raps about being a terrorist and killing white people, his being charged with 11 crimes dating back to 1999, substantial battery and bodily harm, strangulation and suffocation, statutory sexual seduction, obstructing of an officer, 2 recent accounts of recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, 1 count of illegal possession of a firearm, , domestic violence, bail jumping, attempt to run over the mother of his child with his car.

 Not only does this tragic event shed further light on the sad state of race relations in America; it has opened a Pandora’s box of details regarding the radical left’s intervention in the judicial process, with George Soros leading the way of private funding to radical prosecutorial nominees.

Durell Brooks was released on Nov 11th for questions of “court congestion” on a thousand- dollar bail provided by DA and progressivist hero John Chisholm.  This Durell Brooks has a list of crimes as long as your arm, but he had been incarcerated in Milwaukee, which has a serious backlog of criminal cases, exacerbated by this notion that if you are poor, you should not be held in jail because you cannot pay the bail, and therefore criminals get rereleased onto the street for a minimum amount of money. With this perversive logic, we have criminals back on the streets, with this tragic slaughter being a case in point. Judge Mary Triggiano: “We’ve taken this pandemic very seriously, including the variants. We’re being very careful,”, with regards to the backlogs and their unwillingness to keep people in jail. But the case of Durrell Brooks demonstrates that the tendency to dismiss crimes and misdemeanors executed by the black community dates back prior to the Covid emergency, all the way back to 1999.  This man quite simply should not have been put back on the street.

But this is part of a broader prosecutorial strategy embraced by the left, imposed in major cities across the US and Europe.  And this is the reason for which a major increase in crime has been observed over the last few years. Prosecutorial strategy has changed dramatically. Individuals like Soros have poured millions of dollars over the past 7-8 years into electing left wing prosecutors across the country. Jeffery Tubin, previously well- known legal commentator (now infamous for not being able to keep his hands out of his pants whilst participating in Zoom calls with colleagues), wrote a gushing piece in 2015 for the New Yorker Magazine, called “the Milwaukee Experiment: What can one prosector do about the mass incarceration of African Americans?”  “Like many people in the criminal justice system, John Chisholm, the DA in Milwaukee County, has been concerned for a long time about the racial imbalance in American prisons. the issue is especially salient in Wisconsin, where African Americans constitute only 6% of the population,  but 37% of the residents of state prisons. According to the University of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, as of 2010, 13% of the state’s African American men of working age were behind bars, nearly double the national average of 6.7%. the figures were especially stark for Milwaukee County, here more than half of black men in their thirties had served time in state prison. How, Chisholm wondered, did the work of his own office contribute to this situation?” (Here comes the motivating logic of the Left, and the animating philosophy of the present day Democratic Party:  if a disproportionate number of people of a certain race or ethnicity are in jail, it must be because the SYSTEM is evil and corrupt. The problem is that the result of this kind of rationale means letting criminals out of jail. If you desire to have fewer black people in jail, you either have to identify who is innocent, or solve the festering problems with the black community, or you’re going to have to release criminals onto the street.   

So Chisholm decided that his office would exercise prosecutorial discretion by taking initiatives to send fewer black people to prison, while maintaining public safety (Wisconsin residents should demand this idiot’s head on a platter). What is the idiotic logic behind this decision? Do not release confirmed criminals based on race, colour or ethnicity! It is not permissible to release criminals form jail in order to “even out the numbers”. Chisholm said that prosecutors should be judged by their ability to reduce numbers of mass incarceration and achieving racial equality. Wrong again. Prosecutors should be judged solely on the reduction of crime rates. Americans have an adversarial system. It is not the job of prosecutors to determine whether mass incarceration is an issue, or achieving racial equality in outcome.This is the reason why there has been a spike in murders in Milwaukee over the past few years. Chisholm’s efforts have drawn attention across the country. Cyrus Vance, Manhatten’s DA, says “ John is a national leader in law enforcement, because he is trying to achieve the right results, not only in individual cases, but also in larger policy issues as well.” Chisholm reflects a growing national sentiment that the system has failed African Americans!”

In the US, that is the propaganda emanated from the Ministry of Truth: that left wing prosecutors are doing a great job at evening out the numbers, and that is what is most significant. So the entire basis for criminal justice in Wisconsin has been rooted in this “New Jim Crow”: “ if black people are in prison, America must be racist” philosophy , as opposed to : you are a prosecutor, lower the crime rate by  prosecuting criminals who commit crime. Digest this: there were 941 victims of homicides in Milwaukee alone in 2020.

This is case in point of one of several DOZEN rogue prosecutors elected to public office, thanks in most part to Soros (or his political action committees or wealthy liberal friends). Their goal, as written in a major research paper on the rogue prosecutor movement, is to fundamentally reverse-engineer the criminal justice system by replacing independent law-and-order prosecutors with pro-criminal, anti-victim zealots who flout the rule of law, abuse their offices, and as a result, see crime explode in their cities.

This strategy is dear to the withered heart of George Soros. By the way: we’re not supposed to nominate Soros with regards to his funding of wild, left-wing causes because it would be considered anti-Semitic, but it is quite simply the truth. And he certainly cannot claim the sympathies of Orthodox Jews, nor is he in any way a Believer.  He is a radical left-wing fanatic who has spent billions of dollars on various radical causes around the globe. This is a very bad man who does very, very bad things. And the Left celebrates him for it as a ‘philathropist’.

Politico reported, back in 2016:” George Soro’s quiet overhaul of the U.S. Justice System”: “ While America’s political king makers invest their money into high profile presidential and congressional candidates, Democratic mega-donor G.Soros has directed his wealth into an under-the-radar 2016 campaign to advance one of the progressive movement’s goals: reshaping the American justice system. The multi-billion dollar financeer has channeled more than 3 million dollars into 7 local district attorneys receiving money directly from Soros (Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas) campaigns in 6 states over the past year, a sum that exceeds the total spends on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a handful of rival super donors. His money has supported A.A and Hispanic candidates for these local, powerful roles, all of whom ran on platforms of major goals of Soros, like reducing major disparities in sentencing, directing some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. It is by far the most tangible action by a progressive push to find, prepare and finance criminal justice reform-oriented candidates for the jobs by long term incumbents.”

Politico, 2021: “Four Wealthy Donors fuel Overhaul of California’s Political Justice System”: “The Social Justice movement has never lacked for energy. Last year’s death of G.Floyd sparked waves of support for BLM. Progressive donors have strategically targeted prosecutor races in major cities, because DAs wield power over sentencing and investigations. In California, social justice advocates are preparing to defend the State’s top prosecutor AG Rob Banta, who is closely aligned with the reform movement, and was one of the nation’s most liberal AGs.” “The last 10 years have been the biggest change I’ve seen in terms of philanthropic interest in these issues”, say Lenore Anderson, who speaks for “Californians for Safety and Justice” when you have that shift then the door is open because you have the winds of change. In California, few causes get far without a pile of money. 4 donors channeled 22 million dollars for criminal justice ballot measures, and LA candidates for the past 2 years. In 2018, an organization of G.Soros funded the DA campaign.

It will not however be possible to find common ground in any discussion, if the Left refuses to acknowledge the difference between Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning up graffiti, providing medical care, and then being chased down by child rapists and wife-beaters, serial criminals and antifa thugs, only shooting people who violently attacked him and attempted to kill him, and a career criminal who deliberately plows through a crowd of innocent women and children at a parade. If, in these two cases, the Left acts as if the only differentiator is race, then they are not only ignorant and racist but also completely demented. The American media is intensely racist, anti-white as a rule with a bias against whites, paternalistically condescending to blacks, and they perceive and interpret everything through the lens of race, distorting reality.


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