Why do Covid hospital patients continue to die, despite numerous and efficient available cures?

In the UK it’s Midazolam, in the rest of the world equivalent drugs and Remdesivir: “So we’ve seen this pattern play out, over and over and over again. Patients head to the hospital with a Covid case, their condition rapidly declines, they’re put on a ventilator, and they die. Why does this keep happening? One possible reason is this drug they keep giving them, Remdesivir. More than a year ago, even the World Health Organization said that Remdesivir shouldn’t be used, in ANY Covid cases, because there’s no evidence that it’s helpful and a lot of evidence that it causes deadly kidney failure, among other things. But hospitals keep using it, even while they move heaven and earth to keep patients from using ivermectin, which at a minimum is completely harmless even if it doesn’t work, and there’s quite a bit of evidence that its does work. But it’s not just Remdesivir that is causing patients to die. Dr. Brian Ardis joins Robin Monotti Graziadei to talk about what’s causing patients to die so frequently in our pro-death hospitals.” https://rumble.com/vss3ph-proof-docs-know-theyre-killing-faucis-deadly-remdesivir-had-50-kill-rate-in.html https://t.me/robinmg/14311

“Who is behind the use of Midazolam and Opioids in the UK as a treatment for “Covid.” The interview between Clare Wills Harrison and Dr Bryan Ardis is now available to view. It has been posted on Awakened World, so that the PowerPoint and documents discussed can also be accessed. If you follow the link below you will be able to watch the interview, read the post and download the documents and PowerPoint. If you prefer to just watch the interview we will post that separately below. All documents and links can also be found on Dr Ardis’ website and again we will post that below. My sincere thanks to Dr Ardis for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. I really appreciate it, and I know he is as deeply concerned as me about the use of Midazolam in the UK, along with being concerned about who suggested Midazolam be prescribed with Opioids at the beginning of April 2020. Midazolam of course, is not just used for treatment where there is “Covid”. Read the post and watch the interview for the full shocking information. https://awakenedworld.co.uk/clare-wills-harrison-talks-to-dr-bryan-ardis/ https://t.me/robinmg/14314


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