Doctor Pregliasco, Director of the Milanese Hospital IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, Invents Medical Rules and Restrictions out of whole cloth, stipulates that Individuals without the ‘Super Green Pass’ (double vaccinated with booster) will not recieve Medical Assistance and their Scheduled Operations will be Cancelled.

At the Hospital Galeazzi in Milan, a memo signed by Doctor Pregliasco negates medical cures to those individuals not in posession of the Super Green Pass, in deliberate conflict with Italian law, the Hippocratic Oath and the Spirit of Christian Charity which historically has animated the foundation of all hospitals.

Two medical patients who had been in contact with the Galeazzi Hospital in preparation for their operations testified on the programme ‘Fuori del Coro’ that they had been informed that they would not recieve any surgical interventions without the SGP. Call Center operators of the hospital explained to the patients that they and other medical operators had recieved these specific indications from Doctor Pregliasco: “All patients must have recieved the third dose, or the second dose at least five monthes ago, or have recovered from covid in the past six monthes.” In other words, at Galeazzi, one must be in possession of the Super Green Pass, otherwise one’s surgery is automatically cancelled.

Pregliasco has managed to argue his way out of a denoucement for malpractice by stating that “we have suspended all operations at the Galeazzi Institute on individuals considered ‘fragile’ – a category which includes the unvaccinated.” “I gave these indications to our medical operators in order to make correct risk management evaluations with repect to the fragility of each patient, but also in order to optimize the operating rooms for the most urgent surgical interventions, because our activities are limited by the fourth wave of covid.”

If this is truely the case, it is time to interrupt the covid pantomime: Dr. Angelique Coetzee – the doctor who isolated the Omicron variant – stated quite clearly that the symptoms were “so mild as to go almost undetected.” This quite literally signifies that we are halting the function of our System of Public Health, delaying programmed medical interventions, for an illness with characteristics now resembling the common cold.


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