The Radical Left reveals it’s Ugly Intentions once again, in its Push to Indoctrinate Little Children

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If you are an individual who makes exclusive use of mainstream media news sources, you would believe it is now ILLEGAL to say the word ‘gay’ in the State of Florida, because this Leftist propaganda echo chamber – which includes Hollywood – desires that you believe this nonsense. Mark Hammel (Luke Skywalker) tweeted out yesterday :”Gay, gay, gay, gay,gay . . ” one hundred times, and every celebrity we can think of is now tweeting out the aforementioned word, as a blow against the presumably evil, repressive State of Florida, which does of course have a fairly significant gay population living within it. Numerous individuals tweeted out yesterday that ‘they were being silenced and erased from Florida life because of this so-called ‘don’t say gay’ Bill. If you truely believed that such a Bill were being passed by the Florida legislature, and signed into law by its government you would remain calm in the knowledge that a) such a law would be a violation of the First Amendment; b) there would be significant punishment for promoting such hostile rhetoric. But of course there is no punishment, because there is no ‘Don’t say gay’ Bill in the State of Florida. Instead, there is a Bill that says that teachers are not allowed to discuss sexually sensitive issues such as gender ideology and indoctrination in age groups pre-K – 3, and that they then must avoid inapprorpiate discussions for age groups below the teenage years of questions such as sex, masturbation, birth control and abortion.

The Bill does not use the word ‘gay’. It does mention the word ‘parent’ about thirty times, because the entire bill regards the relevance of parents and their right to be the chief authority figures making the most relevant decisions regarding if and how their children will be taught controversial sexual and gender issues. It is not the right of the schools to indoctrinate children into the belief that all forms of sex are morally equivalent, it is not up to schools to instruct upon types of sex, especially to small children, promoting the lie that men can become women and women can become men. However, the entire mainstream media, which is a partisan propaganda tool, has repeated what the Left has called this Bill and pretended that such was its actual name, demonstrating for the umteenth time that members of the Media are simply Democrat party minions.

The so-called ‘Don’t say Gay’ Bill is a Democrat propaganda label, because, as we mentioned previously, the Bill does not even mention the word ‘gay’. Protecting the innocence of children, and granting parents the authority to raise their children as they see fit with regard to sexual morals, seems like a minimum deocratic requisite, and yet it has become the most controversial of issues. The Left has decided to embrace this question, making it the hill they are ready to die upon. Their message is that if they do not get to indocrinate all children on their particular leftist values, then a small fragment of children who may be suffering from gender disphoria are going to kill themselves. They wish to promote the idea that they are the sympathetic ones, and that all they need in order to promote their sympathy is to override your parental values and authority, destroying your relationship with your child, indoctrinating them into beliefs which you hold to be immoral. They need our children in order to promote this future dystopia, which is why they are fussing and making so much noise about a Bill which simply says that the Public School system is not allowed to indoctrinate little children with its radical sexual values. The fact that the media simply repeat the Leftist talking point of the day, universally adopting the Left’s language, is proof that they are the ultimate Democrat propaganda outlet. (Axios, Abc, NBC). Guidlines are clearly set by the White House, as the question began with Democratic activists, and the White House is run by Democratic Radical Activists – Jen Psaki called the Bill “horrific” – yes, “horrific”. So White House representatives think that if you don’t teach a four-year-old that boys can be girls and vice versa, or a second grader that all forms of sex are morally equivalent, that all lifestyle choices are exactly the same and deserve equal respect and acceptance, then you are a bully.

Yes, according to the Left, parents are the primary obstacle to a better tomorrow. The Family – those little platoons combating world socialist domination, representing the most valuable, durable and powerful form of connection that we have, they are obstacles to the government becoming the great unifying force in American life. They want to be able to take your children away from you, they want to infiltrate the Family, in order to turn their values against your values. This is the goal of the Left. They desire it, and they will call it compassion, and any resistance will be called bullying. They would love to be able to indoctrinate our children without our consent, and they object to parents even being notified when they tell your son that he can be a she in first grade.They want to be able to teach our children about myriad forms of sexual exploration, when the kids are eight, without even informed consent. (For an idea of the radical nature of this Leftist move for sexual precociousness in children, desiring to turn them into widgets for radical leftist sexual (im)morality, check out the Sexual Education Summer Camp for children grades 3-5, in Indianapolis, that teaches kids as young as 7 about sexual education, including a condom demonstration fro children. A flier for this particular sex camp for children in N.Indianapolis, states that ‘at this age, kids are primed for learning, they are information gatherers. There is no shame or ickiness in association with using bandaids. That same philosophy is applied to the use of condoms, and other ‘barriers’, in this body-positive curriculum. In addition, kids will not be separated by gender when learning about puberty, bodies and sex, because gender is a spectrum, and everyone needs to learn about all bodies,’ according to this flier.

Unfortunately, there are parents who will delegate their children to places such as this, which is how to explain for the video of Jason Buttigieg (the partner of Pete Buttigieg, secretary for Transportation), teaching small children to speak the pledge of allegiance to the gay flag. Parents presumably gave their permission to this, but let us withhold judgement on them for a moment of reflection: what would happen if this event were occuring without your knowledge at your child’s school, and that teachers were doing this with your children? Should that not be illegal? Remember: the people who believe these are the best values, believe that you should have no say in whether or not these values are being taught to your children, and they also believe that pledging allegiance to the American flag is equivalent to indoctrination. Hmmmm…..

The Left decided that Disney had to sound off on this Bill, because if you are a corporation, YOU MUST DO WHAT THE LEFT EXPECTS OF YOU. Woke Capital rules the day. If you are a corporation, you can be pressured into doing most anything if there is a crowd of angry individuals shouting slogans at you. The media- who are Democratic activists; they are not out to provide accurate information- continue to lie and lie. Which is why all of their headlines contain the overt lie, namely that the aforementioned Bill is the ‘Don’t say gay’ Bill. They then go to corporations to question them regarding the motives of their ‘silence’ (Which they certainly do not do when legislative decisions are made which promote the Left’s agenda, such as when the State of NY passed a law permitting the killing of babies even after birth. Did they question any corporations about their interest in a law which sanctioned the killing of babies on the operating table? I think not. How about the defunding of police? No. The BBB economic plan? No way. )

It is indicative of how far to the left culture has leaned, that a corporation like Disney – a corporation originally designed to produce good, wholesome entertainment for children, whilst preserving their innocence – is being called on the carpet to justify its silence in the face of the supposedly discriminatory Bill, or rather for not embracing the indoctrination of small children into sexually Leftist ideology. Disney felt the need to respond to the leftist media echo chamber, although they have not yet reponded to questions regarding their bases in countries which are objectively repressive, nor have they answered queries about the production of Mulan, shot on Chinese territory (Xinjiang) in which Uighurs are being oppressed, enslaved and tortured. Bob Chapak, Ceo of Disney, remained silent for a while. When questioned, he should have responded: we are a corporation located in numerous different polities, which does not signify that we agree with all of the policies of those polities. Chapak, however is a coward, just like almost everyone in coorporate America is a coward, but what he should fear is that Disney’s frequent capitulations to leftist dogma have tipped their content so far to the Left that it is nigh on unconsumable. Because indigestible Woke content will not be purchased by most families. In this particular case, Disney is playing an extremely dangerous game, siding with Leftist radicals who are not their principal market of consumers, over the parent body at large (and most parents don’t want their toddlers and small children learning ANY sort of sexual education, anyway).

Chapak came out condemning the so-called ‘Don’t say gay’Bill, stating on Wednesday that he understood that ‘our original approach didn’t quite get the job done’. He called governor De Santis in order to convey his disapointment and concern, and that if the Bill were passed, it could unjustly target transgender kids and families. He also stated that he had attempted to intervene’behind the scenes’ against the passing of the Bill. This prompted an immediate response from the office of Governor De Santis. “Governor De Santis has always been open to hearing from Floridians, and having conversations about legislation, as long as those discussions are grounded in facts and not false media narratives. Anyone who has questions about the parental rights and education Bill, is encouraged to read the Bill, rather than distorted coverage in mainstream media, which regurgitates false partisan talking points. Disney contacted our office today to speak with the governor. This is the first time we have heard from Disney regarding HB1557. the governor did take the call from Mr. Chepeck. The governor’s position has not changed. No personal meeting has been scheduled yet. Disney is a family-friendly company that creates wholesome entertainment for children. The same Florida parents who take their children to Disneyland, also support parental rights and education, because they do not want their young children exposed to inappropriate content about sex and gender theory at school.”

If Disney wishes to embrace this suicidal game, prepare to ban their content, for with such a gesture, they are communicating to all of us that they consider it acceptable for parental authority to be subverted, repressed, denied, in the name of Woke.


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