Russia Accuses the U.S. of obfuscating the presence of American Bio-weapon Laboratories in Ukraine

Until recently, I stated that the difference between what has been labeled by the mainstream media as conspiracy theories or so-called campaigns of disinformation and the actual truth, is . . . about six to eighteen monthes. However, little did I expect such a so-called Russia/China propaganda disinformation piece to be established as true within almost 24 hours.

There are so many layers of falsehood to be revealed in this particular instance, which perhaps makes this one of the greatest cases of political disinformation in recent years. The allegation by the Russian government is of the presence of US funded biological laboratories in Ukraine being utilized to create bio-weapons.

According to a certainRussian official: “We have found your biological material. It was developed primarily for military purposes. As it turns out, it was all happening in Ukraine. What are you doing there? It is a different continent. It shares no borders with you. There are no bases of yours. What were military doing there under the guise of scientific research? ” In other words: we’ve got you figured out. We’ve discovered that the Americans and Ukrainians are collaborating to produce these biological weapons.

Is this claim credible, or not?

The Russians do know a thing or two about biological weapons, as they have allegedly used at least chemical weapons against their adversaries, against political dissidents, adversaries of Putin and individuals gone afoul of his regime. Not surprisingly, for most of the Cold War, the Soviets accused the US of developing biological weapons, usually without any basis.

Obviously, the Ukrainians came out and immediately denied than any such thing were happening.

As published in the Kiev Post: “Recently, fake news about American military biological laboratories in Ukraine has been spread in the media and on social networks. No biological laboratories operate in Ukraine. Statements recently made by individual politicians are not true, and are a deliberate distortion of the facts.” This position was echoed by American sources as well. The political propagandists of the American liberal regime (Snopes, Politifacts, the fact checkers, bigTech, the mainstream media) blatantly stated that the Russian claim is Fake News.

And yet, just two days ago, the undersecretary for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, admitted in a hearing before the Senate that there are, in fact, bio-labs in the Ukraine. “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which we are now quite concerned that Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. So we are working with the Ukranians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces, should they approach.” She clearly did not want to be admitting all of this, as she spoke very hesitatingly.

The US Embassy in Kiev admitted that the US has a profound connection with these laboratories, but that they are utilized exclusively for transparent, scientific research to prevent threats, and that the Russians are spreading disinformation, claiming that there is some sort of military operation to create biological weapons, and that this is complete nonsense. They then advise to consult the website for further information. Dot MILITARY. So we have been told up to this point that this was all purely transparent scientific endeavour pursued for altruistic purposes, and yet we are then directed to a military website, because the program is being directed by the Pentagon. However, the page, which had been up a few days prior, was down, just one day after Victoria Neuland had given her testimony.

It turns out, according to the Pentagon, that the US presence dates back to a 2005 treaty signed under George Bush, some 16 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, to dismantle old soviet bioweapons laboratories. Under this pretext, the US was able to lay hold of such laboratories across numerous former soviet- block countries. Even more strangely, the links on government website to funding grants have all been deleted, although it is possible to procure older documents which establish that it is indeed the Department of National Defense funding these programs.

So what is the truth about these laboratories?

Let’s review: The Russians are accusing the US of developing bioweapons in Ukraine , whilst the Chinese are insisting that the US has hundreds of the laboratories all over the world, the US then states that it is not developing bioweapons, that these claims are disinformation, that they are in no way a military effort, but rather that we are actually preventing threats and performing ordinary scientific research to protect public health. So what exactly is going on?

To what should be everyone’s dismay, tne organization that is at the heart of the management of these labs is Eco-Health Alliance. Does that name sound familiar? It should, because it is the organization that was associated with Dr. Fauci, and is wildly entangled with the gain of function research in conjunction with the Wuhan Coronavirus Institute, at the time of the Covid19 outbreak. Eco- Health Alliance is run by Peter Dajak, Dr. Fauci’s gain-of-function man, to whom Fauci gave a great deal of money in order to conduct gain-of-function research. Eco Health has recieved enormous contract from the Pentagon, and has been granted 41.91 million dollars (38 of which was awarded by the Defense Reduction Agency), making the Pentagon the largest single donor to Eco- Health, not the NIH.

There may very well be a reasonable explanation for all of this, but what is it? Initially we were told by the entire Liberal establishment, by Bigtech, the fact checkers, the government officials, the Ukranians, that there are no bio- weapons laboratories in Ukraine. We now know that the US government has spent exorbitant amounts of money on these laboratories to update them – not dismantle them. (Even the pretext of entering into this treaty in order to dismantle the laboratories does not hold water, as it would not take seventeen years in order to do so). We have confirmation that they are performing experiments on these bioweapons, but initially, according to the US Embassy, the research was completely safe, ordinary, mundane . . . . HMMM, if the research experiments are completely safe, why would the US be concerned about Russia taking control of the laboratories? Evidently, we really are talking about very dangerous, biological materials. . . . Yet it is all about altruistic scientific research, which is why it is being funded by the Pentagon, and completely safe, because it is in the hands of the organization that was directly funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Bat Coronavirus Institute.


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