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Goodbye, Mozzarella di Bufala

Over 140,000 Mediterranean Buffalos have been put down by order of the Italian Ministry of Health, after the discovery of a small percentage of positive cases of Brucellosis/Tuberculosis amongst Campana herds. Autopsies reveal that fewer than two percent of the animals put down resulted as positive for the infections: an indication that the order to suppress the lives of these animals is in direct contradiction of existing Italian and European laws prohibiting the killing of entire herds if the rate of infection is beneath 20%.

Previous vaccination campaigns had all but eliminated these infections from Italian buffalo herds, whose precious ‘white gold’ bears fruit to the music of 1,298,000,000 Euro annually, but in recent years of technical governments, have witnessed the removal of herd vaccinations, making it necessary to return to age-old practices of eliminating entire herds when the situation becomes unmanagable.

The most bizarre fact of this recent episode in which there were fewer than 2% of the animals infected, is that the selfsame day these poor creatures were slaughtered, they were placed on the market as bovine meat for public consumption, after the carcasses had been sold almost exclusively to the industrial group Cremonini.

The end result of this recent crusade of Minister ‘Robespierre’ Speranza, promulgated by pandemic psychosis and executed by the Campania president Vincenzo De Luca? 140,000 healthy buffalo specimens killed, 300 businesses gone bankrupt, an average increase 0f 18% of the aforementioned infections amongst the remaining herds, caused by diagnostic delays of the Asl veterinary institutes, and the mass diffusion of false Mozzarella di Bufala.

The 9th of June, Doctor Giuseppe Barbero, cardiologist at the Roman Hospital Umberto I, will have to appear before the Italian Order of Doctors, for simply doing his due medical diligence. This doctor – also professor – prescribed medical exams for his patients who were at risk of thrombosis, to ascertain whether or not the Cov19 inoculation may have potentially placed them at even greater risk, and in several cases, was able to establish elevated risk and hence exemption from the inoculation. The end result of his scrupulous efforts to protect his patients: being dragged before a disciplinary committee of the Italian Order of Doctors.

This is yet another of the countless cases of punitive actions being taken against doctors who applied in a rigorous manner the deontological code of their profession, acting in the name of the principle of precaution, which is part and parcel of good clinical practice.  The application of this principle, in this case is considered – incredibly – a violation of the same deontological code, which actually reads (article 48): that the doctor has the duty to inform his patient regarding the risks involved with the use of an experimental drug (or vaccine). According to the Order of Doctors of Rome, Doctor Barbero was not supposed to inform his patients of the risks connected to the vaccination, and therefore he was not supposed to protect them from possible adverse effects. The guidelines which are still in use, on the other hand, recommend the anti-covid inoculation to everyone, with only a few, rare exceptions (like Robespierre Speranza, the Minister of Health himself); guidelines serving as a coercive shield which this unelected technical government has expropriated from Italian citizens, even the adolescents, by means of blackmail in the form of the useless and destructive greenpass.

In the words of Doctor Giuseppe Barbero: “ It is a politicization of the medical deontological code, since the Order of Doctors would prefer that the medical act be in function of the memorandum circulating throughout the Ministry. . . I hope that the Order regain its sense of conscience in considering the figure of the medical doctor as a free and independent professional whose sole scope is the care and respect of human life”.

Instead of the carrot and the stick, Robespierre Speranza prefers funding for Psychologists and Masking

Ignoring rising summer temperatures and the hundreds upon hundreds of scientific and medical articles regarding the uselessness and harm of masking, Robespierre Speranza still insists upon forcing the face diaper upon school students – even for their final graduation oral exams – stating laconically that students should consider themselves fortunate that they have not been forced to do return to online schooling (DAD in Italy: distance didactical education). How dare he invoke the spectre of DAD, for absolutely no reason?

On the other hand, and clearly without even the minimum sense of irony, Speranza has established a so-called ‘psychological bonus’ worth ten million Euro in funding, which may be utilized by those with annual earnings of up to 50,000 Euro (the working poor, residents of the South of Italy, who are notorious for not paying taxes, and residents of Downtown Milan, who declare to the tax collector that they own nothing: in fact, all money, property and vehicles at their disposal are registered to their companies). A penny more, and you are destined to pay the expense of your psychologist from your own pocket, and so once again, as with every other bonus, it is the middleclass who foots the bill for everyone.  

At this point, what good could speaking with a psychologist possible do? What could this unelected Fabian do to repair the damage done by the decisions of his own Ministry and the unelected government to which he belongs? Everywhere, there is only the rubble of the psychological war which this malignant cancer of an unelected government has waged against the italian populus. The development of babies and small children has been all but halted, with an average decrease of over 20 I.Q. for babies born during the plandemic. The Children’s Hospital Bambin Gesu registered an incrementation of over 300% of psychotic episodes of self-harm and attempted suicide amongst young people. Families were not permit to unite, to mourn, to bury their deceased members, to bring closure to their pain and suffering. Entire populations were bombarded day and night with fear porn, and blocked from attending Church, from breathing fresh air, walking in nature, socializing with friends and peers, attending cultural events. Inoculation propaganda created a false dichotomy analogous to that of the propaganda waged against Jews in Poland in the late 1930’s:  vaccinated=good, clean, cooperative, pro-science vs unvaccinated=dirty, bad, evil, corrupt, ignorant, creating a rift which will be almost impossible to heal, if not with super-human amounts of Christian forgiveness.

Illegal Immigrants enjoy cruiseship holiday in Italy, courtesy of Italian taxpayers

The use of the ingenious quarantine cruiseships dreamed up by one of our more recent, unelected technical governments (together with school desks on wheels, and scooters on the freeway) is now being used to house illegal immigrants to the music of millions. Between January and March of this year, our dreamteam unelected government spent over twenty million Euro of taxpayers’ money (yes, because the EU gives us peanuts  – no, empty peanut shells – for this  problem) on cruiseships alone, contracted for hosting illegal immigrants.

Technically, this flow of money should have ended at the end of the much-discussed Health Emergency; there is no quarantine for unvaccinated Ukrainians arriving from outside of Italy: all that is expected is a nose swab within 48 hours of arrival, and other foreigners are not requested to do any testing at all. And therefore we can conclude that the original quarantine cruiseships are being used as extremely expensive, additional centers for hosting illegal migrants, regardless of the fact that there are no existing laws or decree stabilizing that these vessels be used for such a purpose.

Considering the millions of Euro this costs the Italian taxpayer monthly, we believe this would be the moment – not just to send Luciana Lamorgese home – but also to establish the criteria for the construction of an acceptable structure of shelter and protection for those migrants truly in need. There will be a predictable augmentation of the number of illegal migrants due to food shortages caused by the Ukraine conflict , and it would be appropriate to have plans and structures in place to respond to these potential increases in individuals requesting asylum.


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