Modernity has not given us progress. We have descended into barbarism and inhuman behaviours; men have been psychologically castrated, and vast swaths of women – in denying their feminine vocations – have become miserable, unpleasant, egotistical, violent and abusive harpies.

Although we are still reeling from Will Smith’s violent explosion of pent-up masculine frustration the very evening he recieved his historic Oscar, the Depp-Heard Defamation Trial provides us with yet another opportunity to shed light upon some little-known statistics regarding domestic abuse.

It is to be desired that Johnny Depp’s defamation trial inaugurate the beginning of a conversation about men’s rights: will the publicity of this trial open people’s eyes to the struggles of so many men currently suffering in relationships with domineering and abusive women? As parents, we should also ask ourselves how our children – and in particular, our daughters – are being raised, and how the establishment media and our educational systems are influencing their forma mentis; on the one hand, reenforcing the stereotypes of ‘male as instinctively violent’ and ‘female as victim’, whilst on the other hand encouraging girls and young women to hit, scratch, bite and even kick boys in the testicles (risking permanent bodily harm). These are physically abusive actions which young girls and women carry off with impunity: abusive, I insist, because girls are aware that they can mistreat boys without fear of boys responding in kind, as boys are genetically wired to protect the female. Boys have also been made keenly aware (through (re)education and billboards depicting abused women) that any retalation – any response IN KIND to the physical provocations of a girl – would lead to their suspention from school, and at a later stage, their potential arrests.

Everything about the current state of affairs points to a lose-lose scenario for humankind. Males resolve conflict between themselves though physical agression, but it is insanity to encourage girls -decidedly the weaker of the two sexes – to resolve conflict in this manner,: especially with boys. From the commencement of their scholastic careers in educational systems geared against them, in which their boisterousness may lead to labels such as ADDS (resulting in state-ratified drugging), or detentions, failing grades and plummeting self-esteem, to young adulthood, boys live like a subjugated population, so is it any wonder that over 40% of young men insist that they have no intention of marrying?

Before delving into the Depp- Heard trial, let’s look at some statistics regarding domestic violence, shall we?

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FACTS: According to HHS, women are more likely than men to be domestic abusers. In the year 2020, there were 248,335 reported cases of domestic violence involving a female perpetrator, and 225,020 involving a male perpetrator.

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of courts almost automatically giving custody to mothers, in the case of familial separation. And yet, HHS statistics indicate that single mothers are more likely to be abusive than single fathers. In 2020, there were 221,372 reported cases of child abuse involving only the mother, whereas there were 138,803 instances involving only the father. This is not reflected in the custody system, indicating that courts bear an unjust bias towards men, without any legitimate supporting motivations, whist paradoxically favouring the individuals who are proportionately more abusive.

Lesbian couples have the highest domestic abuse rate of any demographic. According to the National Coalition of Domestic Violence, “43.8% of lesbian women and 61.1% of bisexual women have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner”; these statistics are outrageously disproportionate, compared to  gay couples, making gay couples the least likely perpetrators of domestic violence, while heterosexual couples remain midstream, and lesbian couples, statistically the most likely. The common denominator between the latter two categories is ….women. Link to article:NCADV. (In fact, Amber Heard has a history of domestic violence, as she had been previously arrested for assaulting her ex-wife in an airport, and had spent a night in jail for this crime).

Let’s return to Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard:

Last Thursday marked the seventh day of hearings in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard, and up to this moment, much of Johnny’s testimony has revealed some shocking details about his ex-wife’s behavior, (See:YouTube), including her leaving her excrement in their bed after an arguement during which she had repeatedly hit him.

In May of 2016, after less than a year of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce, claiming that Johnny Depp was physically abusive, which Depp vehemently denied (Insider). In August of 2016, a divorce settlement was reached out of court, providing Heard with 7 million dollars, which she claimed would be donated to the ACLU and the LA Chidren’s Hospital (Insider). (A claim which has failed to manifest in reality, as there is no trace of her donating any of the money) SCMP.

In December of 2018, Heard wrote a piece for the Washington Post WaPo in which she stated : “I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.” And although Heard and her lawyers claim that Depp’s name was never mentioned in the article, within it she states: “Then two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out”, directly insinuating Depp’s guilt. Depp was dropped from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean franchise within days of the article’s release, leading to the current $50 million defamation trial.

Here are some of the facts which have been revealed, together with pertinent internet links. The first audio is of Heard mocking Depp, stating that no one will believe him (YouTube), and in the second Heard admits that she hit Johnny repeatedly (Twitter), whilst doctor’s testimony reveals that both she admitted that she had punched Johnny, and that Johnny had privately revealed that his nose injury had not been caused by an ‘accordion door’. Bear in mind that if a man were to behave in the manner in which this woman behaved, he would be considered a monster. And as I mentioned earlier: between men, someone behaving like this would be punched back. But the current state of affairs for men is thus: if you respond to the instigation of your female partner, you are an abuser; if you don’t respond, you are a weakling, a baby, a p***y, as Heard so eloquently states.

Evidence and testimony presented at the trial also show an important finger injury Depp suffered at the hands of Heard when she smashed a bottle against him. In case you think he’s exaggerating, we’ve provided pictures of a cut to the bone, for which he also suffered Staff infection. (TwitterTwitter). (Depp had originally claimed – rather gallantly – that he had injured himself).

What we do know is that due to Heard’s allegations, the damage is done: Depp’s career has been ruined (Twitter). We may also observe that the establishment media is STILL attempting to frame Depp as a wife beater Variety, because they apparently have recieved marching orders to do so. And finally, we are left with an uncanny conviction that this particular marriage was nothing more than a ploy to acquire Depp’s money, and that false accusations such as those of Amber Heard delegitimize the true victims of spousal abuse, making it more difficult to discern truth from falsehood and pecuniary motivations.


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