Commentary upon the past week in the News. Focus: the USA

World events and the information regarding them, are accelerating at a precipitous speed. Let’s take a look at all that has occurred n the past 7 days, commencing with the US:


Because the Radicals in the Biden administration are devastating the US – and the rest of the world – with their insane, idiotic policies, they take advantage of any diversion to distract the populace and gin up more racial hostilities. In Buffalo, NY, Pres. Biden took advantage of the occasion of public mourning to smear conservatives as white supremacists, to attack the Republican Party and prominent Fox News Hosts, to state that online conservative platforms should be censured, to prevent people from being ‘radicalized to violence’. He even went so far as to make the outrageous statement that there is a direct correlation between the Buffalo shootings and the people attending the January 6th rally. It is difficult to feel pity for a tottering, confused Joe Biden when apparently, he still has no shame, daring to draw a comparison between a mid-Western dad sipping a Coors light in the Capital rotunda, and a mass shooting which left ten people dead. He is still a liar, lying as he breathes, and it is still his defining characteristic (recall that he was expulsed from the 1988 elections for lying and plagiarism, as well as doctoring his academic record).

Speaking of silencing Conservatives: Carl Cameron of MSNBC (Microsoft) is calling for the jailing of conservative journalists, because – according to him – Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation. Which is a closed case of the Left projecting their behaviour, in the classical Alinsky sense. Leftist accusations are actual confessions.

In response to the claim that Republicans are purveyors of mis-information, one should ask: which party claims that: babies are not babies, boys are actually girls, lopping off little boys’ genitals is an act of gender ‘affirmation’, Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, Covid did not originate from the Wuhan covid laboratories, there are no medicinal cures for Covid, vaccines are totally safe and effective and will prevent you from contracting the virus or transmitting the virus, two weeks to slow the spread, believe all women, I can’t define woman, men can give birth, the 2016 election was stolen, there was no election fraud during the 202 election, etc. etc.? Their lies go on and on.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Truth – I mean, the Government Disinformation Board – that Biden set up to punish his domestic political opponents, has apparently been put on pause because of . . . disinformation (It was halted because Conservatives spotlighted it and would not allow themselves to be silenced). Three weeks after the announcement of its inception, working groups have been suspended. The woman who was supposed to lead the group, Nina Jankovitz – yes, that peddler of disinformation regarding Russian collusion and other lies that we’ve been force-fed for the past several years – has resigned, but rest assured that the DHS intends to proceed with the work of censuring us.

Shall we demonstrate how manipulated our public square has become? Prior to purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk requested proof of Twitter’s claim that fewer than 5% of its accounts are bots. Their CEOs originally refused, but after some insistence, it has been established that more than 20% of Twitter accounts are false, and that over 50 % of followers of the official Scotus account are fake! Not only is this fraudulent and manipulative: it is also terrible for business.

Leftists and Progressives have been accusing Republicans of spreading a conspiracy theory entitled “The great replacement Theory”, which is none other than the Left’s project to replace the original American population with illegal immigrants, and permitting them to vote (Law HR1).  The Left presumes that its quickly eroding electoral base will be substituted by illegals, who will vote for them, presumably out of gratitude. This is analogous to the conspiratorial machinations of the Globalist Progressive faction here in Italy,  represented by the PD party, which is desperately pushing for the passage of the law Ius Soli/and or Ius Cultura, which would give illegal immigrants immediate citizenship: a preposterous idea, considering the extremely high population density of Italy, and the fact that it – of all super Powers (twenty years ago, Italy was an economic power house which rated 3rd amongst world exporters) Italy has been hardest hit by adherence to the Euro and the EU.

So, on one hand, the Globalist Left is now claiming that this theory is bizarre and absurd, whilst on the other it states that such a phenomenon has been going on for ages and it is a good thing, that it is merely the ‘American Way’. The Left does not call it replacement, but rather ‘renewal’. Renewal of the progressive base, perhaps, but a guaranteed recipe for economic stagnation and collapse.

The above argument is fruit of yet another contemporary phenomenon, which is: the Left gets to make a statement, usually in an attempt to push the Overton Window. Conservatives then hold up a mirror to the Left’s has statements, at which point the Left becomes infuriatedat Conservatives for  exposing their delusionist blather . Holding a spotlight up to the preposterous statements of the Left is considered ‘Hate Speech’.  We as a populace are being forced to lie, to deny what we see, to negate what we hear, whilst all the while the left smirks and contradicts itself and brags and boasts, because they have stolen the power.

“Critical race theory is not being taught in schools, but it’s great that it is”; “Transgenderism is not being pushed on little kids, and it’s great that it is”; “replacement is not happening, but it is great that it is”. Is it any wonder that it is not possible to trust any of the Establishment media? They hold the truth to be contemptible.

One piece of the Democrat narrative which has completely collapsed under the weight of reality: Trump hammered Biden during the 2020 election debates regarding the fact that the Biden name made millions, selling influence in both Ukraine and China: that is, millions were made by Hunter Biden, who has absolutely no credentials, whilst 10% went to Biden himself. If you recall, Biden negated this fact during the 2020 debates. But thanks to Hunter Biden’s tendency to damage his laptops, we now know that Hunter Biden earned over 6 million dollars in China alone, by selling access to his father. We also know many things about Hunter that we would prefer not to know.

Moral theologian Whoopi Goldberg sounded off on The View regarding Bishop Cordileone’s formal refusal of the Holy Eucharist to pro-choice House Speaker Nancy Pelosi : “The Archbishop of San Francisco is calling for the speaker Nancy Pelosi to be denied receiving communion because of her pro-choice stance. He’s one of the priests who also called for president Biden to be denied the Sacrament. This is not your job, dude! It is not up to you to make that decision!” Someone inform this horrifically ignorant individual that this is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB of Archbishop Cordileone: namely, the shepherding and protecting of each soul for which he is canonically responsible, from eternal damnation.

There is an unprecedented shortage of baby formula across US states, although it has been reported that hoards of baby formula are being stored at the US/Mexico border. We have photos provided by Border Control agents, which testify to this outrageously offensive act: the White House is literally sending baby formula to illegal foreign nationals in the process of breaking American laws, whilst American mothers are driving for hours to attempt to find some formula for their own babies.

Less than 48 hours after Elon Musk, African American, came out as a Republican, he has been ‘me-tooed’, as the usual suspects are accusing him of sexual offences. Rather curious, considering that Musk has been in the public eye since the end of the 1990’s, and has been prominent in public life for almost twenty years. But just 24 hours after he declared to be Republican oriented, a notorious member of the establishment media, Business Insider, ran a piece about Musk allegedly propositioning a masseuse. More than six years after the alleged episode, at the very moment that Musk is in the midst of a hostile takeover of a major speech platform, on an explicitly anti-leftist platform. If the allegations were legitimate, they would have come out long ago, but when such allegations emerge during heating moments in political history, they have always been proven to be cynically motivated accusations maneuvered to block the success of determined individuals (think: Clarence Thomas, Brett Cavanaugh).  Curious fact about this allegation: the day after this article was published, there was an opportunity for a big investor to bet against the Tesla share price, in the hope of Tesla shares lowering after this revelation. Potentially allowing those anticipating this temporary decrease in share value to earn a lot of money. It gets even crazier, because the CEO of business Insider has been accused of securities fraud and is supposedly barred from the industry.

This Past Week in Feminism’s most Sacred of Sacraments

At its most imperiled moment, the proabortion movement sent its supposedly best and brightest last week to Capitol Hill to defend the revolting, horrifying practice of murdering babies, and it turns out that their best are not particularly bright.

Rep. Mike Johnson: “So abortion should be allowed for any reason, for any purpose, at any stage.”

Aimee Arambidhe “I trust people to make decisions about their body. When relevant, I think they need to consult their medical practitioners, and not Congress”.

M.Johnson: Ok, so you would say that it is morally wrong to take the life of a 10-year-old child, correct?

Aimee Arambidhe: I believe so . . .

M.Johnson: And a two-year-old child, well that would be murder, and I think we can agree that that’s wrong. . .Then what is the distinction between the human being who is two years old, or nine months old, or one week old, or an hour old, then one that is eight inches further up the birth canal, what is the difference? Why is it acceptable in the latter cases and not the former cases?

Aimee Arambidhe: “I trust people to determine what to do with their own bodies. Full stop”.

That is the non-answer of a professional abortion activist. This woman has a degree in philosophy, she has graduated from law school, she has worked her entire professional career in the abortion industry, specifically in public affairs, defending abortion. And when she is confronted by the most basic objection concerning abortion, the best defense she can muster is “I trust people to use their bodies”. Embarrassing. But not surprising, considering she is defending the indefensible. (Especially, when you consider AOC and her degree in Economics, and the fact that she is challenged by grade 4 math, you realize that perhaps the US is simply handing out these degrees to the highest bidders, regardless of competence).

It is saddening to consider that there are some people who spend their entire lives defending infanticide, but is also shocking that it seems that no number of university degrees compensate for an obvious lack of intelligence.

Yshika Robinson, abortionist, was asked by Mike Robinson when a baby becomes human, and her response reflects the highest level of philosophical sophistication the abortion industry is capable of mustering.

M.Johnson.:”How does one qualify as fully human? What makes a human being?

Yashika Robinson: “What makes a person a human being is being born, number one . . . that’s why we have birthdays” . . .

Birthdays, we should note, are celebrated in commemoration of the day of one’s birth, not the day one became a human . . .And what of the fact that to a certain extent, birthdays can be fungible? At times, babies are born earlier or later, some births require induction, others require caesarian incision. Ms. Robinson is literally stating that there are two different ontological realities, on either end of the birth canal. And if one is born by c-section, and has not had the opportunity to pass through the magic birth canal, is he or she not human? Just ridiculous stuff.

Here’s another preposterous argument, from El Norte Recuerda, PhD, on twitter:

“The majority of people who get abortions are white. Overturning Roe vs wade neutralizes two major threats to white supremacy.: the declining birth rate and the shrinking white majority. Criminalize abortion, ensure a future majority white working class.”

Info graphic:

Us abortion patients: 39%White, 28%Black, 25% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 3%other; Income: 75% poor or low income; Religion: 62% religiously affiliated, family Size 59% already have a child Age. 60% are in their twenties (Only 12% are teens, of which 4% are minors).

But the info graphic disproves the claims of this brilliant PhD, who apparently does not understand the concept of majority (50+1). The plurality of abortions is amongst the white population, but that is also because 62% of the country is white. Only 13% of the country is black, and roughly 18% of the country is Hispanic, which signifies that there are disproportionately more abortions in the Black and Hispanic population, but especially the Black population. Conclusion. if Roe vs Wade were to be overturned, it would signify that there will be disproportionately more Black and Hispanic babies, and it will have Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, turning in her grave. So much for that argument.  If these are their best and brightest, we have already won the war.


These international economic disasters mentioned earlier are not a bug, but rather a feature of the programs of our elites. They claim a transition is taking place, and therefore prices of oil and food are high in order to guarantee this transition, apparently with the approval of Mr. Global. Consider that our ideological, idiot ruling class, in its moments of unintentional transparency, claims that rising prices of oil are good, and that this is precisely what they desire, in order to promote their ‘Green’ agenda, which is anything but green, forcing us into using unstable solar and wind energy, whilst travelling by electrical cars, nibbling on grasshoppers and slugs.

This is what they have in mind for us, and if we allow them to maintain this power, our global future will look terribly bleak.

WEF is a cartoonishly villainous gathering of world leaders, conspiring behind locked doors. It’s not just government leaders, the corporate leaders, not just the NGO leaders: it is all of them together, and they are all participating in an insider trading fraud circus backed by Schwab, at the expense of the little people. No wonder they won’t allow independent journalists into Davos, if they are not willing to be frisked by the WEF police. (Yes, they have their own police force, complete with cute little badges).

Here’s Klaus Schwab on day 1: “The future is not just happening; the future is being built by us! By a powerful community, as you here in this room. We have the means to improve the state of the world, but first two conditions are necessary: the first, that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities, that we serve not only our self-interests, but also that of the community. That is what we call stakeholder (aka: me and my friends) responsibility. And second, that we collaborate. This is the reason why you find opportunities here during the meeting to engage, and to vary action-oriented initiatives about progress related to specific issues on the global agenda”.

Here is Australian Safety Commissioner Imran Grant, On Free Speech: “We are finding ourselves in a place, where we have increasing polarization, everything feels binary when it doesn’t need to be, so I think we going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out in real time, from the freedom of speech to the freedom from online violence, or the right of data protection, or the right to CHILD dignity”. Shall we remind them that THEY did not invent free speech, and no one has given them the power to recalibrate it?

CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla, in response to a question on medical compliance: “How are you thinking about technology that will engage the patient?” “FDA approved the first electronic pill. it is basically a biological chip that is in the tablet, and once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So, imagine the applications of that, the compliance. The insurance company needs to know that the medicines that the patients should take, they take. It is fascinating what happens in this field. Imagine the compliance!”

President of Ali Baba, Jay Michael Evans, on carbon footprint TRACKING: “We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint: where are they travelling, how are they travelling, what are they eating, what are they consuming on the platform? Individual carbon footprint tracker, not yet operational, but stay tuned . . .”

Get ready for lashings and imprisonment as punishment for the secular sins committed against Pachamama! The irony of this is that the WEF groupies caused more air pollution with the jet fuel of their countless private jets, which expend more carbon in one hour than the average individual does in a year. And yet another layer of irony: Ali Baba is a Chinese company, and as we all know, China emits more carbon emissions than all countries in the Industrialized World put together.

If you find the speech and behaviour of the members of this forum to be disturbing, you are not alone. Once more, I insist:  if we allow them to maintain this power, our global future is destined to be appallingly bleak. 

Stay tuned for updates on Italy and the EU.


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