This past week in the News: Italy and the EU


EudraVigilance, the system created for the reporting of adverse effects which is controlled by EMA, the European Agency for Medecines, has officially reported 1,276,056 adverse events, and 10,630 deaths directly related to the Cov19 inocculation for all of Europe. These numbers – despite being high – represent between 1 and 10% of ACTUAL adverse events and deaths, for a plethora of reasons: firstly, from the onset of the inoculation campaigns, there has been no active pharmacovigilance, as would be expected BY ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN LAW for a Type-3 Clinical trial, secondly because those cases which are reported to doctors, vaccine hubs and cardiology units of hospitals are not included in these counts BY OFFICIAL INSTRUCTION, thirdly, because the criteria for direct attribution of the effects to the inoculation established by the WHO are purposefully restrictive to the point of absurdity, fourthly, and most importantly, because more than 80% of EudraVigilance’s funding derives from pharmaceutical companies

The Italian Progressive Globalist Leftist Socialist elite is in a huff after one of its Progressivist darlings, judge Vladimiro Zagrebelsky, simply noted that in a Democratic society, it is not acceptable to force one’s opposition into silence, as his political faction is wont to do, considering that it owns all of the newspapers except one, as well as all of the radio channels and television programs. The Feme-Fascist factions are swooning and calling for their smelling salts, after Zagrebelsky’s statement that “Instead of proposing counter-arguments, they (the Left) want to silence those who think differently. But you may not silence those who are against abortion.” “Criticism of laws is obviously our free right, just as it is also our right to forward proposals for their modifications, either in a restrictive sense or in order to widen their applications. And not only that: the direct propaganda against the possibilities of usage which the law permits, is also our right”. . . . “Regardless of one’s position on abortion, in defense of the freedom of opinion and expression, one can only hope that we will not witness an act of censorship on the part of public authorities” (with regards to advertisements for the ProLife group ProvitaeFamiglia).

For the more than 4,000 Italian doctors who have refused the infamous inoculation, not only are they being suspended professionally without the possibility of working and collecting their monthly paychecks: their professional insurance policies have been removed (effective retroactively), which is the equivalent of removing their one fundamental protection, considering the number of lawsuits continuously filed against them.

During their suspension period, these doctors will not receive any form of remuneration. This is their ‘punishment’ for being found guilty of personally visiting all of their covid patients and curing all of them at home, by the thousands. No hospitalizations. No deaths. How dare they? These doctors have been replaced with Ukrainian doctors who do not speak the language, do not have the necessary medical training (few countries can compete with Italy’s medical excellence), and have not been inoculated with the magic serum.

The Southern coast of Italy (Sicily, the island of Lampedusa, and now Calabria) is under constant assault by illegal immigrants arriving from the North Coast of Africa. Institutions for hosting these individuals are overwhelmed by the sheer number of illegals arriving every day, and whilst the mayors of the towns and cities in these areas are requesting a direct intervention of the Minister of Interior Affairs, Luciana Lamorgese, it is highly unlikely that measures will be taken to send back boats while still in international waters. The EU – whilst obliging Italy to harbour these illegals – has only ever provided circa one twentieth of the actual cost of hosting these illegal aliens, annually.

The EU is also attempting to force Italy – under the guise of fair competition laws – to accept the ceding of its coasts to Multinationals. In an eight minute hearing with his Ministers, unelected premier “the Liquidator of Italian Assets” Draghi, stated that if the decree regarding Fair Competition were not approved, the PNRR European financial assistance would no longer be accessible. Draghi’s Ministers promptly obeyed, but they did not take into account that there may be thousands upon thousands of ‘little people’ whose families have established a customer base and superior product over the course of generations, but who would not be financially capable of taking on the competition of any Multinationals with their unlimited financial resources. If there are still a handful of morally uncorrupted judges in Italy, justice may very well be on the side of these family businesses now allied in a front against the onslaught of the Globalist elites. There are already a few favorable sentences suspending the pronouncements of the Council of State regarding the outcome of the renewal of these balneological licenses.

Italy, now Europe’s third greatest power, exported 16% of its products exclusively to Russia in the year 2021. Ulterior sanctions against Russia are crippling the sectors of clothing, chemicals and machinery. At a moment in which the country is struggling to recuperate some level of equilibrium post-covid restrictions, Italy cannot afford to proceed with sanctions against Russia. Add to these financial losses the fact that the cost of energy for Italian companies has risen on average 500% since March of 2022, and we have a recipe for industrial and economic stagnation.

While the use of masks in closed spaces has been all but eliminated, the Italian Ministry of Education insists upon their usage in schools because of their ‘educational value’. There is no scientific evidence in favour of the use of surgical masks in preventing the spread of covid19, or any other infection, for that matter (please see January article, which is a compilation of over 400 medical and scientific articles regarding not just the inefficacy, but also the harmful effects of mask usage). Therefore, the obligation was imposed on school children without any appropriate analysis of risks/benefits, and it further interfers with interpersonal relations and early childhood development. According to Minister Bianchi (another unelected representative, pal of aforementioned Draghi), masks have “educational value”: indeed they educate towards compliance, blind, unquestioning obedience, scientific illiteracy, and the effectiveness of fear porn.


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