Having verified the final results of this election, we may now state with confidence, that Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia – together with Lega and Forza Italia – have consolidated a decisive, Center Right-wing victory over Italy’s Leftist coalition, which has been governing Italy for the past 11 years in the form of various ‘technical’ governments, despite not having been elected. Giorgia Meloni should be confirmed as Premier, becoming Italy’s first woman prime minister, but upon this stunning victory, the Left – which has griped for decades over womenkinds’ inability to shatter the glass ceiling, and had invented sexist, obbligatory quotas of females in every workforce regardless of merit – remains silent.

Italian Conservatism – or rather the lack therof – and the fact that in Italy there is not, nor has there ever been, a Conservative Party, is today’s topic of discussion. Italians deserve a valid alternative to their radical, violent, esterofile, globalist Left, and therefore it is high time we coalesced and ratified a serious, grassroots, Conservative Movement.

The phrase ‘A choice, not an Echo’, was coined by the late, great Phyllis Schlafly, in reference to the direct interference of Wall Street (J.P Morgan, David Rockerfeller, the Bilderberg group and others) in the choice of Republican nominees, and wholesale bribing of swaths of the Republican primary electorate, in order to promote those nominees whom they could control, or who would not represent an electoral threat to the current Democrat nominee under their influence. Schlafly documented their manipulation of every election, and demonstrated that the only two elections whose results had escaped them were those of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump (discussed in an updated version) – two individuals who did not belong to America’s government establishment elite. (Without Schlafly’s book, it is unlikely that Reagan would have been elected president).

Curiously enough, in confirmation of this manipulation on the part of the central bankers to the democratic process, Bella Dodd had testified several decades earlier before Congress, stating that when she was Secretary of the American Communist Party, hundreds of card-carrying Communists had infiltrated both the Democrat and the Republican Parties, and that she had personally chosen thousands of Communists to work throughout the country in the field of Public Education, and other thousands of Communists who were sent to infiltrate Catholic seminaries. She spoke often about the fact that when the American Communist Party was unable to contact Moscow, they were told to communicate directly with figures representing the central banks, residing at the Waldorf Towers, downtown Manhattan. In other words, no party is it what seems to be, and very little of the democratic process remains, besides the personal convictions of each voter, which have been manipulated and betrayed, anyway.

In order to understand that there is no Conservative party in Italy, it is FUNDAMENTAL to comprehend that Communism and National Socialism are two sides of the same coin, and accept that Mussolini was a Socialist. With regards to Italy, it may be difficult for non-Europeans to comprehend, but for historical reasons, ‘right-wing’ in Italy has always referred to those parties who like to dabble in fascist nostalgia, whilst the Left has always been oriented towards Communism, quite literally. (Italy’s very first democratically elected government risked becoming a majority Communist government, and a satellite state of the USSR). It would therefore be incorrect to assume that this dichotomy of ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ correspond to the Anglo-Saxon notions of ‘Conservative’ vs ‘Liberal’: not only is the Left in Italy historically Communist; the ‘Right’ in Italy has been historically associated with neofascist movements, or socialist, populist movements embracing various aspects of original Mussolinian Socialism, and has never governed autonomously. One of Italy’s first Parties, the ‘Christian Democrats’, was what would be defined today as a Center, Moderate Party, but it’s heir, the UDC, has governed both with Italy’s Left- wing parties in the past, as well as with Berlusconi’s Moderate, Center-Right, Libertarian Party ‘Forza Italia’. Fratelli d’Italia is heir to Italy’s prevous Right-Wing parties, which is why it could never be defined as conservative. It’s roots are Socialist (and therefore Left), with a Nationalist bent.

As a Conservative myself, I blanch at the claims of such individuals as Giorgia Meloni to the title of right-wing and Conservative; they are not whom they claim to be, sowing confusion amongst foreign political analysts attempting to define them. If only Meloni were far more right-wing, according to the North American standards of conservative/liberal! But Giorgia Meloni, leader of the party ‘Brothers of Italy’, spent her youth and young adulthood as a militant leader of the the controversial Party Movimento Sociale Italiana, founded by Giorgio Almirante, a noted Mussolini apologist. In 1994, MSI became Alleanza Nazionale, led in Meloni’s youth by Gianfranco Fini, which disintegrated after Fini began to alter the party’s traditional approach to politics, culminating in its support for the creation of a technical government led by Mario Monti. This led to the exodus in 2014 of numerous members – Meloni included – in order to found their own party, which they claimed at the time would be more faithful to the philosophy and sentiments of the founder of MSI.

Let’s take a closer look at the heir to Movimento Sociale Italiana: the term ‘social’ should give away the nature of the party, as well as explain the mentality of assistential, nanny- state socialism, painfully obvious is the proposals of Fratelli d’Italia, which speak of more expenditures like free daycare, and therefore higher taxes – instead of defiscalizing work, business, family and properties, as these are the true sources of wealth which every country posesses, fundamental for maintaining a healthy business cycle. Curiously – and in contrast to the movement’s original, rather anti-American posture, Fratelli d’Italia has adopted an uncompromising pro-Atlantist, pro-Ukraine stance, at the very historical moment in which such a stance is inopportune and inexpedient for our country (One of every two Italians is AGAINST any participation in the Ukraine conflict). The party has expressed neutrality on the Roe vs Wade decision, when its duty would be to firmly promote a pro-family, anti-abortion culture. It has not expressed intention to assist families in any way in the face of an unprecedented economic crisis caused by sanctions against Russia, energy costs which are 32 times their average prices, the long-term ramifications of Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates – either by means of tax-exemptions, school vouchers and direct financial relief – nor has it criticized the unscientific, unconstitutional approaches which the previous coalition and technical governments have adopted over the past two and a half years, or defended the constitutional rights of that persecuted distinct minority of unvaccinated Italians, from its position of Opposition. FdI’s analysis of the Ukraine conflict, and the ensuing economic crisis is troubling, deluded and preposterous, as well.

In other words, there is very little of traditional conservative values about Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia (yes, we remember the pre-covid video of Meloni’s speech at the Prolife Meeting in Verona organized by Provita e Famiglia – would that she spoke like that today!): neither fiscal, economic, social, religious, cultural nor in terms of international relations. By North American standards, she and her party might be defined as Libertarian on most cultural issues, with a rather questionable past. Therefore, the huge consensus which Fratelli d’Italia has recieved, is based upon votes of protest, predominantly against PD: against a Leftist political elite which has continued to govern for the past 11 years without democratic consensus, which has destroyed our Health System, our Education System, has infiltrated and taken over the giudiciary, is anti-Italian, pro-EU, esterofile, for the destruction of the nuclear family, is radically pro-abortion, has attempted the economic destruction of our country through covid lockdowns, and persecuted its populus with vaccine mandates, discriminating against those who refused the jab; it is also a protest against Lega, by whom many previous voters feel betrayed for their participation in the previous Draghi technical government, and Salvini’s 2019 decision to call for an election, which led to the unholy union between PD and M5Stelle; but it is most certainly an attempt by unvaccinated, practicing Catholics to avoid the vaccine mandates which PD had insisted upon in its electoral campaign, as well as their hope that their votes would contribute to marginalizing the risk of increased illegal immigration, gay marriage, automatic citizenship to foreign students studying in Italy, laws introducing the limitation of free speech – all of which were part of PD’s party platform.

Although active participation in elections has been dropping rapidly over the past 25 years, the fact that little over 50% of the Italian population cast their votes on the 25th of September 2002, at a moment of such historical importance, is indicative of the sense of disenchantment and lack of trust in our governing entities. Most people do not identify with any of the parties able to run for office. These were votes which were not necessarily FOR Fratelli d’Italia, because from their position of Opposition, they did nothing to protest the suspension of constitutional rights, or the systemic discrimination of the Unvaccinated, but rather AGAINST PD, in particular. Will Giorgia Meloni grow into the position of conservative premier? Only time will tell.

*Disclaimer: I love, respect and admire Giorgia Meloni, and could find it in my heart to forgive her for FdI’s lack of true opposition and support for discriminated Italians, if she would only reembrace the line which FDI had begun to adopt several years ago, prior to the Covid crisis. Deo volente . . .


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