Famine is coming

Governmentally induced famine is already upon us, as our severe energy crisis will logically lead to a food crisis. It would be wise, therefore, to begin storing food, and searching for land upon which to care for a garden: while such an effort may seem daunting, it is perhaps the least challenging task we will face over the course of the next several years. Farming is exhausting, back-breaking work with an extremely narrow profit margin, so perhaps this effort will also serve as a reminder is to appreciate the work of these brilliant individuals who nurture us and our families.

Food security is a serious issue.

As we have mentioned previously, it is eerily striking that the protests of Dutch farmers recieved no coverage in the mainstream Italian media, but the intent is obvious: to prevent intelligent individuals from deducing the ultimate objective behind the mass expropriation of Dutch farmland, whilst avoiding the possibility that any Italian farmers develop sentiments of solidarity and support systems to protect their own lands.

Dutch farmers – perhaps the most extraordinary farmers in the world – own roughly 62% of the land in the Netherlands, and despite the country’s small population of 18 million people, are the second largest food exporters in the world. Thank you, Dutch farmers!

The Dutch globalist government, headed by Schwab’s altarboy Mark Rutte (the other is Justin Trudeau), seems to care little about the fact that winter is coming, energy prices have skyrocketed, and a food crisis is on the way. He apparently has taken issue with the Netherlands’ hyper-efficient farmers, and intends to expropriate huge swaths of farmland, with the excuse of limiting excess nitrogen production, claiming that the fertilizing process pollutes the atmosphere (in Germany, which is on the border of the Netherlands, they make the preposterous claim that Co2 is the culprit, demonstrating that globalists simply tailor-make their talking points to suit their wims).

This is an example of how the radical globalist regime is attempting to bring these efficent, independantly-minded Dutch farmers to heel, by effectively destroying them. Yet running these farmers out of business by claiming they are one of the root causes of pollution (and we call BS on that, obviously: Europe contributes to less than 8% of the World’s pollution), does not resolve the logistical question: from whence will we then purchase our food? India? China? If we put the most efficient farmers in the world out of business, who will do the farming?


Natural gas, as you know, is used to make nitrogen based fertilisers, by means of the Haber-Bosch process, which takes natural gas and converts it using atmospheric air, thus creating ammonia, urea or ammonium nitrate: a vital process for the lives of billions of people on earth. It has only been around for about 110 years, and is one of the factors permitting the expansion of the world’s population.

2  + 3 H 2  → 2 NH   (ΔH = −92,4 kJ·mol −1 )

War correspondant Michael Yon has created a map of European fertiliser plants which have either shut down or greatly reduced their quantities of production. At the moment, we are living off of the bounty of the previous year’s harvest, at which time there was plentiful fertilizer and widely available food, which is now depleted. Food supplies are diminishing, fertilizers are not being produced in amounts anywhere close to what may be considered as adequate, China and India are hoarding food, probably to sell their stores on the world market when the famine begins, whilst their own population starves. It has happened before.

Germany is about to Collapse under the Burden of lack of Energy, as well as Energy Prices

Germany is going downhill quickly, and its demise has been accelerated by the explosion of energy costs, care of the speculations of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange! The natural gas pipeline North Stream 2 has never been inaugurated, because Germany will not certify its opening. North Stream 1, which was turned off on the 31st of August, was vital for Germany and Europe. Since the Ukraine conflict has commenced, North Stream 1 has gone from 100% flow to 22%, to 0% on the 31st of August. Even when it was at 22%, that still signified that Germany would have run out of gas by early 2023, during Germany’s coldest monthes.

Germany’s answer thusfar has been to establish warming stations in school gymnasiums, to help keep people warm. It should be interesting to observe the interactions between the Germanic tribes and the newly arrived Somali tribes, but we digress.

Mass Migration

Michael Yon, who has been travelling the world tirelessly to provide up-to -date- reporting on this distpoic globalist coreography, spoke recently about his regular visits to the Darien Gap , Columbia ( a jungle gap between Columbia and Panama, which is very rugged and dangerous), and about how he has observed that the flow of mass illegal migration has already increased dramatically. Tragically many migrants attempting the Darien Gap drown, or fall off what has been dubbed ‘The Mountain of Death’, or they get lost in the jungle, never to be found. Yetthey are coming up in massive numbers never seen before : Africans, Asians, Mainland Chinese every day, large numbers of Pakistanis, Indians, Somalis, Yemenis, Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, Peruvians, and the flow is increasing in correspodance to the collapse of these economies.

The ‘Human Osmotic pressure’, (a term coined by Yon to embody the physical concept behind the phenomenon of mass world migration), which is being created by these food shortages is going to be increasing enormously over the course of the next year, setting up South America and Meditteranean Countries such as Italy, as funnels, through Panama and the Mediteranean Sea. U.S. borders are being overwhelmed, and exactly the same phenomena is occuring throughout Europe. Over 50% of the population of Luxembourg consists is recent migrants. The face of Europe has been perhaps irreversibly altered.

Keep in mind that this is exactly the desired result of our governments: Yon reports that recently Alejandro Maiorcas (U.S. secretary of Homeland Security!) came to this corridor of mass migration, and had the sizes of the camps doubled and new arteries opened, in order to increase the flow of migration. Luciana Lamorgese of Italy (Minister of the Interior) has all but gone on a two year holiday – except when there are protests against vaccine mandates, the Super Green Pass, the wearing of surgical masks, etc. : then she rules against her subjects with an Iron Fist.

The UK, Netherlands and Russia are full of natural gas, as is Italy, and most of these countries could be self- sufficient from this perspective, but Globalist -sponsored Green activists are blocking access to these precious resources through radical, propagandistic environmental campaigns, and therefore . . . . . people are going to freeze to death this winter, and next year, there will be profound food shortages due to lack of chemical fertilizers, which will further drive mass migration. We could name it: ‘The Schwab Cycle’.



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