Historically, the question of women in the workplace has been divided into two political camps: on the one side, the individualist, destructive, misanthropic, radical feminist Left, which – in chorus with Gloria Steinem – insisted that ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’, leading to modern single women becoming the unhappiest category of individuals in recent generations, with depression shooting up to 3500% and the consumption of anti-depressants at record highs; that women should privilege work and career over family and child rearing by means of a mass campaign of denigration of the most important and exhausting role in the world; that even if women were to resist such indoctrination and choose otherwise, should be forced into the work place regardless, by means of record inflation and perverse levels of taxes, providing even more possibilities to the State to quantify and tax the labour of home management – the only untaxed modern form of labour prior to this phase of the modern era – through the necessity to hire domestic help; that, in the case of maternal urges and the ticking of the biological clock, it would be possible to ignore such signals from Mother Nature, delaying maternity up to and beyond the age at which women of the past became grandmothers, leading to mass infertility and the necessity to revert to unnatural and inefficient means to conception, usually resulting in tragic failure.

On the other side, the contrast to the aforementioned position has been held by the traditional Conservative camp, which has always stated that women are capable of – and have always performed – almost all occupations; that it is possible for a woman to ‘have it all’, simply not at the same time; that family should come first, followed by career, because the family – not the individual – is the building block of a healthy society. And career needs to be made a choice, not an obligation, because every Conservative understands that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and that the role of mother is absolutely irreplacable; that dedication to family, the home and childrearing is a full-time job, and the denigration of Motherhood is leading to the collapse of society.

Giorgia Meloni, recently elected Conservative Premier of Italy – the first female Italian prime minister, and the only woman at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia – has defied all categories by achieving her historically relevant premiership only recently after having become mother, which should please the Leftist harpies and their creepy male ‘feminist’ cronies in the mainstream establishment media, because she is demonstating their tenet that it may be possible, under certain circumstances, to have it all simultaneously. Yet they cannot celebrate her success, because she is a Conservative. And here we understand that there is no solidarity, no compassion, no support, no understanding, and especially. no COHERENCE in the Leftist mindset.

The various Italian Leftist propaganda rags – from Repubblica to Corriere – are now up in arms about Giorgia Meloni’s recent G20 participation, not because of the content of the discussions in which she participated, nor the positions which Italy has chosen to represent, but because she took her six-year-old daughter with her (hope she didn’t introduce Ginevra to Creeepy Joe). Whatever happened to ‘breaking the glass ceiling’?the Sisterhood’? To ‘Support All women’? To ‘Believe All women’? Should they not have included a clause explaining that all women should be supported and believed, but only if they are Leftist?

This surreal debate has all the flavour of sour grapes, as the acidic authors take their preposterous, childish ‘revenge’ on Meloni, apparently for no other reason than the fact that she is not a Leftist: “Why”, Repubblica asked, “during those four days during which complete physical, mental and emotional focus are required for a Head of State, did Giorgia Meloni choose to take her young daughter with her, creating a gratifiying, inevitable, yet extremely heavy burden?” (At this point, one might respond: ‘this is absolutely noone’s business but Meloni’s’!)”Probably, because she defines herself as ‘woman, mother and Christian’, she considers keeping her daughter near her a personal priority, because the maternal presence is a non-negotiable value, even when the State requests 48 hours of participation and absolute attention. But is it true maternal presence that which is shared with Modi and Biden, or that which participates in a bilateral discussion with Erdogan?” This pathetic jab is so ridiculous that the reader knows not whether to laugh or cry: what difference does it make if – before playing in the afternoon with her daughter, a woman speaks with Modi and Biden, or instead works in her office? As usual, the Leftist obsession with Meloni reveals the basis of its absurd, obtuse, grotesque and hypocritical mindset in all its contradictions.

Moving over to the Stampa. “President Meloni is at the G20 in Bali”, we read, ” and she has brought homework: her six-year-old daughter Ginevra is together with her. Giorgia Meloni: mamma, mammo, premier. When you’re dealing with a six-year-old, according to me, even the G20 seems like a walk in the park” (why is it that feminists find the mere idea of children to be so daunting?). “Giorgia, may I call you Giorgia? I understand you. If you cannot eradicate your sense of guilt, take her with you.” The only sense of guilt that Giorgia Meloni should experience is to have caused ‘Meloni Derangement Syndrome’ in so many leftist women, leading them to write such absurd drivel. But I’m sure she cannot help but be entertained.

Our Premier wrote this comment on Facebook: “As we return home from two days of incessant work to best represent Italy at the Bali G20 Summit, I have come across an incredible debate regarding whether or not it was appropriate for me to take my daughter with me on this four day trip. Therefore, you consider the manner in which I raise my daughter a subject that has anything to do with you? I have news for you: it does not. I have the right to raise my daughter as I choose, just as I am convinced that I have the right to do all I possibly can for this Nation, without however depriving my daughter of a mother. I hope that this response will be sufficient to bring you to your senses and occupy yourselves with more relevant subjects which are vaguely within your realm of competence.”


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