Anti-Feminicide Day

Another year of tone-deaf Leftist arguements denouncing ‘feminicide ‘: but do any of these individuals really care about women? Let’s look at a few facts which are purposefully ignored by the Left.

I decided years ago to distance myself from those individuals railing about ‘mass feminicide’, after noting numerous inconsistancies in their arguements and behaviour, as well as those practices that they vocally supported. (Of course, as a woman, I am obviously against violence against women; arguing against the politicization of certain tragic events does not make me automatically in favour of them – although this is the black and white world of logical fallacy in which Leftists live).

Riding on a tram some years ago with my two sons – then toddlers – I gazed up at two publicities, one beside the other, which encapsulate the cognitive dissonance representing today’s Left : one, of two children – a boy and a girl – with captions reading ‘future abuser’ and ‘future victim’, respectively; the other publicity was of the film “Twenty Shades of Grey”, or rather the propaganda tool and apologia for the gentrification of sadomaschism. In the first, the young girl is a victim ( isn’t that a rather ‘fainting violet’, Victorian persective of femininity? hadn’t feminists like Beauvoir just argued that biology is not necessarily destiny? Is there no free will in the universe? Are we simply automatons obeying biological impulses which are intended to be kept in constant atagonism, the one sex against the other? Is this a realistic representation of the relationship between men and women in Western Society?); and in the second, the young woman is ‘sexually liberated ‘ by being continuously involved in near-death sexual experiences with her ‘lover’. (therefore, violence in a male-female relationship is acceptable – even desirable, but only if the female couterpart desires it?) An aside, an interesting piece of trivia: the highest categories of spousal abuse in the United States are between lesbians, which once again demonstrates that women are often their own worst enemies – even in sexual relationships!

Violence is unacceptable in all cases. And I considered these disgusting advertisements to be acts of violence and ‘hate speech’ against my children. As a mother of two boys, and a sister to three fantastic brothers, my greatest desire has always been to raise strong, polite, respectable young men, capable of coming to the defense of women, should such an effort be required, and these advertisements were direct attacks against them. It is noxious and repugnant, as well as scientifically false to purport the idea that ALL MEN are intrinsically wired to beat women: the truth, if anything, is exactly the opposite: men are wired to defend the helpless, especially women and children. And most importantly for us women, they are also physically designed to do so. As a strong, combative woman who has played hockey and participated in martial arts (not to mention fighting with my brothers), I am the first to recognize and concede the superiour strength of men, as well as their notable capacity to withhold it.

Which is why I also consider the participation of men with lipstick in women’s sports to be a particularly brutal form of violence against women. It is one perplexing question to have these giants wearing wigs win women’s beauty pageants, the Times title of ‘Woman of the Year, women’s talent contests, university scholarships traditionally dedicated to young women, but it an entirely different situation when you have to face down a burly man in a boxing ring or on a Tae Kwon Do mat, and our young female athletes have the broken bones – and skulls – which attest to this fact. In other sports, the male levels of testosterone which begin at 12-15 times that found in the female body, their bone density, pelvic structure, larger hearts and lungs, broader shoulders and general height do the rest of the work, and whereever they are, they steal first place – which in the US often signifies winning both financial awards, scholarships and sponsorships. Where are the women who fought so long and hard to provide the women’s categories in sporting events? Why are they silent?

The greatest feminicide in World History unfolded before our eyes in Communist China, where hundreds of millions of baby girls were aborted under the one-child policy. This horrific, monumental tragedy has led to a lack of sufficient brides for Chinese men, leading to frequent, outrageous incursions of the Chinese into neighbouring territories including Pakistan, robbing them of their women in order to give birth to their sons’ children. Both on the mass feminicide and enslavement of captured foreign women in China, the Left remains silent.

The worst example of extreme, horrifying, systemic, legislated violence against women, however, is Islam. The Left’s unbridled enthusiasm and blind support of Islam has no bounds ( Adolph Hitler was also a big fan), and they are not even struck by the cognitive dissonance of their differing positions on the veil: for decades, it was stated by the Left that Mohammedan women wore their veils exclusively for traditional motives, that they were never forced or coerced, and that cultural diversity was a GOOD THING. (their true desire was to release a population bomb which would destroy the remains of the Christian West from within, but I believe they underestimated both the volatility of their weapon and the moral fortitute of the Church Militant). Over the past few weeks, as numerous young Iranian women and other young Iranian dissidents have died over the question of this cruel subjugation symbolized by the veil, we have witnessed a mysterious 180° on the part of the Left, complete with demonstations of the solidarity of female politicians shaving their hair to protest these deaths. But why now? This has been occuring regularly for fifty years, and noone has so much as whipered a word of protest. My suspicion is that this very real, very serious issue is being used as a decoy to distract the populace from the fact that people are mysteriously falling dead in the streets, and that we are funding a proxy war between the US and Russia with the taxpayers’ money.

Islam forces women to cover themselves to varying degrees, with punishments for ‘immodesty’ numerous and various, up to and including death; it sanctions pedophilia, as their ‘prophet’ had sexual relations with his wife at the age of nine; it sanctions wife-beating, lapidation for adultury, poligamy, and the abandonment of a wife and family for another woman through ‘divorce’ (eloquently described by Nobel prize winner V.S. Naipaul), which considers unveiled women to be whores deserving to be raped – hence the hundreds and hundreds of cases of European women raped by Mohammedan ‘asylum seekers ‘ – and considers women in general to be half the worth of men. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that we are all equal: Man,woman, slave, master, Jew and Greek (Gentile), which is why the aforementioned ideology has no place on our extraordianry continent, within our schools, eroding our culture from within. Our ancestors fought valiantly at Poitiers, Lepanto and Vienna to avoid the savagery of this ideology, responsible for the enslavement of hundreds of millions of European women (“white gold”) over the course of several hundreds of years. We also fought miltant Islam – a staunch ally of Hitler – during the Second World War: let it not be that these valiant men fought in vain!

And here we reach a full circle: the true catastrophy of this Age is the fact that we have failed young people in general, but it seems we have specifically singled out young men as the scapegoats for all that has gone awry in our society: it is high time we reestablished a form of education which rewards honour, bravery, chivalry, the knowledge and understanding of male strength, the manner in which to utilize it correctly, the moments in which it is necessary to ensure its containment, its valorization, its contribution; we recognize the equality of men and women, but not their reciprocity; the sexes are not identical, but complementary.

I would close by stating the greatest act of violence against women has been to rob them of their birthright to become mothers, instilling in them the belief that any job is more dignified than taking care of one’s own children (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, which is why governments want their hands on your children at an earlier and earlier age: not to create brilliant, free-minded individuals, but to create SLAVES); that it is possible to put career before family . . . until suddenly, it is too late to have children; that abortion (the killing of a baby in the womb) is a woman’s RIGHT, that there is no longer any moral taboo attached to the procedure, and that a woman will not live to regret the act. The truth is that the DNA of a woman’s aborted baby may circulate throughout her body for decades – up to thirty years – overwhelming the woman with regret, depression, suicidal ideation. She may be unable to have children. Or she may never fully be able to appreciate the children she has, as her unconcious is marked by her willing participation in that homicidal event. This is truely the most grotesque act of cruelty against women, which should make the world tremble, for when a woman is capable of killing her own child, there is truly no safe place in the world.


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