Not in My Name!

And not with my tax dollars!

‘No military should ever be allowed to invade a sovereign nation’, we were told (with the obvious exceptions of Iraq and Afghanistan).

The invasion of Ukraine was a matter of first principles, we were told: but more than that, it was a world battle that we were obliged to join. Vladimir Putin was pure evil, Vladimir Zelensky was saint-like, self denying, brave, honest, handsome (de gustibus)and Zelensky was fighting for the very same ideals upon which the US was founded: American news outlets actually compared Zelensky to George Washington with straight faces. And once again, almost everyone fell for the spindoctors’ propaganda: just take at look at all of the Ukrainian flags waving from balconies around the city.

A battle against tyranny abroad in the service of democracy at home

After almost a year, only idiots could believe any of this. Whatever you think about the conflict in Ukraine, it is clear that Zelensky has no interest in freedom or democracy. In fact, Zelensky is far closer to Lenin than to George Washington. He is a dictator. He is a dangerous authoritarian who has used over 100 billion US tax dollars to establish a one- party police state in Ukraine. This is not an overstatement.

Over the past year, Zelensky has banned opposition, he shut down critical media by force, he has arrested his political opponents, and has sent soldiers into Churches. Zelensky’s secret police have raided monasteries across Ukraine, even a convent of Orthodox nuns, and arrested dozens of priests for no justifiable reason whasoever, in a clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution, which is pretty much worthless at this point. And in the face of this, the Biden administration has done nothing. Has not said one word. Von der Leyen is slavering over Zelensky- the neo-Nazi pupil of her eye, promising everything: even half of her kingdom . . . the other half is for Bourla. And they all continue to push to send Zelensky more tax dollars.

So naturally, Zelensky has become much bolder. Last week he announced his intent to ban an entire religion: yes, he has banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and is seizing its property, all for being insufficiently loyal to his regime. And he said it out loud.

In a video: “We have to create such conditions, that any people dependant on the country of Russia won’t be able to manipulate Ukrainians and weaken Ukrainians, . . The first national security and defense council instructed the government to submit a draft law, making it impossible for religious organizations with centers of influence in the Russian Federation to operate in Ukraine.”

A free country does not ban a major religion, even if it is not fully on board with the political program of the rest of the country. But Zelensky is doing just that. His ‘cabinet’ is now devising ways to punish Christians for practicing their banned ancient religion in Ukraine: ‘Personal, economic and restrictive sanctions will be applied to any Christian caught worshipping in unapproved ways. ‘Now, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is more than a thousand years old. With the full backing of the Biden administation and Congress, Zelensky has decided to ban it. I wonder how that sits with Christian Repubblican voters? Here is the response of one Orthodox bishop to the news:

“We brothers and sisters walk with God! Do not be afraid!There are people who want to stop our Church and Orthodox faith!Then God will stop these people! Brothers and sisters, these people are starting to fight against God! They have started a war against God and Heaven! They are not real Ukrainians!Our Ukraine is a blessed and faithful Ukraine! And the whole Orthodox Ukraine prays today!”

You are not allowed to send soldiers into churches. You are not allowed to arrest dozens of priests because they refuse to bow before you, and you are not allowed to ban entire religions. So, most of the media have just ignored this. Some have made excuses .”He has to do this ‘cause there’s a war!”But there is no justification for this whatsoever. the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not Russian: it’s Ukrainian! There is actually a long history of friction between the various centers of power within the Orthodox faith! It has no connection to the Putin government; in fact it has denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet Zelensky’s celebrity backers in the West have said nothing.Where is G. Bush Jr., who compared Zelensky to Churchill, and praised his ‘commitment to liberty’? Will he still back Zelensky, no matter how many Christians get arrested? No matter how many Churches Zelensky siezes? We are providing state of the art military equipment to a psychopath, who may very well use it against his own people. And our tax dollars are funding the destruction of Christianity in Ukraine. Ukraininans cannot listen to media outlets that criticize the Zelensky government because they have been banned. They cannot play Russian music. No, this is not Afghanistan under the Talibans: this is Ukraine under Zelensky. Ukrainians cannot vote for an opposition party, because they have all been banned or arrested. And now their Churches are being raided and their priest arrested.

The fact that our leaders are calling this hellish form of tyranny ‘freedom’, tells you a great deal about what they have in mind for us.

Ukrainian soldiers are now using our tax dollars to make choreographed tiktok videos for social media consumption, reminiscent of those insanely irritating covid19 hospital videos:

It is just such a grotesque post-modern sci-op, and anyone who is falling for this is a duped idiot. This is the same Ukrainian defense ministry which lied about the ghost of Kiev, and the missile aginst Poland, by the way. Just as there was no emergency in the hospitals – many of them were empty, so empty that doctors and nurses had time to shake their choreographed behinds to annoying little ditties.

If the media and our leaders defend and idealize a man who silenced and arrested his opposition, silenced critical media outlets, sent the military into churches, arrested priests, sent the army into monasteries and then banned a religion, if they’ll defend all of that and call it ‘liberty’, they’ll defend anything, they have no moral compass, and those that listen to them have no historical perspective.


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