The Virginia Gubernatorial Race

The Virginia gubernatorial race was won by the Republican candidate Youngkin, essentially signifying the death of the main objective of the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party  to push through the “BuildBackBetter” spending bill of astronomical proportions without Republican support. The message which this victory communicates to all Dem. governors is clear: despite the fact that a state like Virginia is a historically Democrat-leaning electorate, in the end the American people value their families, their children’s educations, and lower taxes above climate (which does not need to be saved, if not from the CCP, emitter of 80% of green house emissions, notable in its absence at the G20 Summit and deserter of the  Glascow Summit), LGBTQ  rights (they are humans, and therefore enjoy all of the same individual human rights of every individual residing in a democratically governed country; any recognition of some  vague ‘right’ not written in the constitution would be tantamount to providing an extra privilege; it would also risk becoming a precedent for all groups who perceive themselves as members of some victim ideology to demand superior privilege based upon ‘rights’ which are not explicitly laid out in any democratic constitution), the Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory (note the substitution of the traditional antagonism of class by that of race), which demonizes the “White Patriarchy” and portrays blacks as a social group incapable of defending itself intellectually or morally, or taking responsibility for its historically poor choices, therefore requiring permanent governmental interference by a nanny state in the management of its own communities. It is the quintessential essence of racism.

Virginia parents said no to all of these Democratic Party initiatives, from massive government spending, to the divisiveness and racism of CRT, to the teaching of explicit sexual practices to young children.

Despite the presence over the final weeks of the electoral campaign of none other than Barack Hussain Obama, cackling Kamala Harris, a doddering and confused Joe Biden and the ubiquitous Randi Weingarten, (national teacher’ union president), Virginians were demonstating 0% tolerance for lies, platitudes and downright criminal behaviour, probably due  – at least in part – to the breaking of the Loudoun county story, unearthed by the new freelance reporter of the Daily Wire, Luke Rosiak , who travelled to Virginia to research the basis for the National School Board Union’s requests that the FBI and DOJ investigate  as “domestic terrorists” the outspoken parental body of this particular county, guilty of communicating their discontent to school board officials and excercising their constitutional rights.

It turns out that the justifiably furious father who was made the “face of national terror” was in fact confronting school officials because his daughter was raped in a school bathroom by a boy who claims to be bisexual, and on the day of the rape, entered the girl’s bathroom wearing a skirt. Despite his being forcibly removed from school premises by the police, the victim’s father continued to speak our vocally, accepting an interview with the DW journalist, whilst inspiring numerous other parents to speak out valorously.

The public confrontation between the father of the victim and the school representatives was provoked by the official statement made at that very meeting by superintendant Zeigler, that there had been no cases of sexual assault in girls’ bathrooms after the implementation of rules for trans-gender students, although the Daily Wire has received access to the content of schoolboard members’ emails discussing this very assault.

In the meantime, the perpetrator of this crime was quietly moved to another school, where he entrapped and attempted to rape another girl, and has been found guilty on all charges. Quietly, evidently because the case of these assaults clearly illustrates the logical argument that allowing transgenders to use the girls’ bathroom opens up to the possibility of sexual predators invading womens’ protected spaces, taking advantage of a legal system which promotes a misguided, contorted notion of compassion. (Compassion, but not for the girls who have been raped, not for Californian female inmates of prisons who have been raped and impregnated by male criminals claiming to be transgender? it is evident that the ME TOO movement was none other than a ploy to maintain the status quo on questions regarding abortion, but it certainly does not care about protecting women.)

Deeper investigation of this particular case led to the discovery that Loudoun County has been failing to report cases of sexual assault in its school district dating back several years, despite a law which obliges the schoolboard to provide public accounts of any such incidents, and contains provisions which hold school superintendants liable for any violation ( On June 22nd, 2021, superintendant Scott Ziegler stated “ To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our bathrooms.”)

Because the Democratic infrastructure in Virginia is so embedded in teachers’ union politics, and former governor McAuliffe has been a staunch supporter of the Virginia union (which reciprocated its support by canvasing for the incumbent governor), his adamant claim that “I don’t think that parents have any right to decide what their children will learn, or what books we put on library shelves” despite the evidence that children were being indoctrinated with Marxist theories and exposed to pornography, his refusal to address the circumstances in Loudoun County and hold accountable the members of the schoolboard responsible for deliberately lying and hiding information regarding sexual assaults on school premises, his terrible management of covid and lack of insistence that children return to school, were the ultimate factors leading to his defeat.

All Democrat governors would do well to heed the message of Virginians to the government: if you continue along these radical lines, especially when it involves our children, you will lose our support.


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