The Italian Conservative Manifesto

by Italian Conservatives for Tradition and the Constitution

Firstly, an amendment to the Constitution is required, which recognizes that our innate God-given rights precede any written Constitution, and that they have their origins in Natural Law, which is written on our souls – endowed upon us by our Creator -and is that which has been codified by Canon Law and ratified by the Social Doctrine of the Church. The Second Amendment to the Constitution must regard the inherent right of every Italian to defend his/her family, property and business, by means of legally acquired firearms, which shall be purchased after follwing a necessary technical iter and professional assessment of mental health. Any Italian wrongfully condemned to imprisonment for valiantly defending his or her family, property, business, etc., will be immediatelty pardoned, and will recieve economic reembursement for damages. The Third amendment will effectively eliminate the role and function of president of the the Republic. the Fourth amendment is the abolishment of the so-called ‘Senatori a Vita’, their stipends, and all indemnities and pensions recieved by individuals who have served in parliament. The Fifth amendment will require – based upon the Catholic conception of subsidiarity – a return to federal management of services to the citizens of each region, radically limiting centralized interference.


All incomes will be raised to correspond to the EU median correspective range for each occupation, as we are now the country with the lowest incomes in all of the EU, followed only by Greece. At the beginning of the year 2000, Italy was the World’s fourth industrial power, which is an extraordinary feat in and of itself, if we take into consideration the geographic dimensions and the population. There is no other explanation for Italy’s economic stagnation besides the usage of the Euro and the idiotic burocracy of the EU.

Eliminate property tax for families: a family may own a property for each member of the family, and will not pay a cent of property tax for that number. A family will only pay taxes on the number of properties which exceed the number of family members.

Reduce propert taxes to a minimum: as we know that the ownership property is the fundamental building block of wealth and prosperity, and as we observe the cannibalistic tendancies of multinationals which purchase entire swaths of property in developed nations, making home ownership almost impossible, we are stating that incentives for the acquistion of farmland and properties for italians residing full-time in Italy – whether it be in the form of cooperatives or individuals or groups of families – will be implemented immediately. In order to avoid speculation upon our housing market, no foreigners or foreign business entities will be permitted to acquire property, unless they are capable of demonstrating personal use, and permanent residency.

The abolition of ‘reddito di cittadinanza‘, converting the amount spent on n’eer do wells and Mafiosi into scholarships for every child (800Euro), from birth to the end of his/her scholastic career.

It has been established that the cost of living of every family unit rises by roughly 20% with each child. Therefore, a conservative government must reduce an individual’s tax bracket by 20% for each dependant (including elderly parents, and the stay-at-home parent). No woman shall pay any taxes ever, after her fourth child.

The privatization of Essential Services is not only contrary to the public good: it is also contrary to the express intent of our Constitution. Foreign companies speculating parasitically upon Italian essential services will be expunged from our territory, with a symbolic indemnity. Water and highways will be free for all Italians. Nuclear energy plants will be constructed to provide clean, inexpensive energy. The hydraulic energy plants in our mountainous regions will be placed back into the hands of the State. The majority of ownership of ENI will return to the State.

Vatican City processes enormous quantities of money every day, and although it is situated on Italian soil, it has been competely devoid of financial audits, despite the ever growning numbers of financial scandals and demonstrated links to Cosa Nostra finances. This governent is calling for an independant audit of the Vatican bank, Vatican finances, and also a public inquiry into the sexual abuse scandals of recent years, including the Theodor McCarrick case.


School vouchers for all who request them, for all children attending Catholic Schools, Private Schools and homeschooling (the parity of the schools will be verified by the Minister of Education; children attending homeschooled will be required to participate in testing twice per year).

All elementary schools, middle schools and highschools, regardless of curriculum, will study Latin and the Chatechism of the Catholic Church, taught only by approved priests, as well as the Constitution.

All schools will study music, require the participation in choirs, bands and orchestras, which will require the employment of professional musicians.

All schools will require uniforms, and have dress codes.

Children will not be permitted to have personal phones until the age of 18.

There will be no English taught during school hours, unless by a mother-tongue teacher.

No baby or child shall be placed in daycare: families will recieve financial contributions of 800 Euro per month (tax free) for every child UNTIL THE CHILD COMPLETES HIS/HER SCHOLASTIC formation, to be rewarded only and exclusively to one family member responsible for the full-time care of the child (mother, father, grandparent).

Culture and Tourism

should return to being two seperate Ministries.

Firstly, the City of Rome must have a seperate management system exclusively for it’s cultural endowments, monuments, museums and architecture, which will require the establishement of an independant commission operating independantly of the office of the Mayor.

Communist and Fascist symbols, gestures, manifestations, etc, are forbidden. Their usage will be punished by law. Blashphemy will return to being punished by law. Innappropriate public behaviour, disturbance of the peace, will return to being punishable by law.

Though Catholicism – which is the source of all Good, Truth and Beauty in our society – will have pride of place in Cultural discussions and considerations, there will be no discrimination based upon race, creed or sex, which also siginifies that the concept of parity will be abolished, replaced by meritocracy.

Citizenship may be awarded only to those adult individuals who have resided at least 10 years in Italy, are able to speak fluent Italian, are familiar with the Constitution and with Italy’s laws, have studied and understood Italy’s culture, and the Chatechism of the Catholic Church, upon whose creed the country’s culture is based, and who swear fealty to the Country and its Constitution.

All Churches will offer both the Tridentine rite and the Novus Ordo latin rite. Failure to do so will lead to the immediate suspension of the Catholic Church’s tax-free status. Professional musicians will be employed by churches to provide adequate accompaniment to Liturgical celebrations.

No Italian tourist attractions may be owned or managed by foreign entities. (The ‘concorrenza’ bill pushed by Draghi and the EU, which would essentially permit mutinationals to come in and occupy seaside space, depriving hundrends of thousand of Italians – many of whom have invested large quantities of private funds in their enterprises – of gainful employement, may go the way of the DODO Bird,). These include: beachside services, seaside resorts, entertainment parks, theaters, hotels, restaurants, museums, spas, thermal springs, etc.

Tourists are accustomed to being tricked by charletans. Let’s avoid such experiences ever happening again, by guaranteeing a 360° tourist experience of the highest quality. By providing registered lists of services which have met the sanitary, culinary and aesthetic approval of Italian experts, ( and bygetting criminals off the street), the Italian government will set the minds of tourists at rest.

No country worth a grain of salt is without a National Airline. It is time to bring this matter back to the drawing table, to ensure that previous mistakes are no longer repeated.


Absolutely no GMOs, no additives, preservatives, sulfites, hormones or steroids. Time to get Italy back to healthy eating before it is too late. The EU and its corrupt commission know what to do with their preposterous, outlandish burocratic bilge.

No foreigner, or foreign agricultural entity may purchase Italian farmland, nor may any Italian agricultural entity purchase italian farmland with the intent to let it to foreign entities. While cooperatives are encouraged in order to give smaller businesses an opportunity of competing in a larger market, any monopolies will be quashed in their nascence.

There will be no limitations on production, no taxation on Italian farmers, who are already operating within extremely limited earning margins, no annexation of their lands. They will be provided with incentives for the acquistion of further plots of farmland for the expansion of their farms, and everything will be done to support them throughout this challenging historical period. Farmers, we need and appreciate you! You are the backbone of our society!

Foreign Policy

We are about to witness the greatest economic crisis in – perhaps – centuries. If we were to follow through with the decisions made by the Draghi regime, in a few monthes, half a million small businesses will go bankrupt. One in four Italians will be unemployed. We must reach out to our neighbours in order to establish diplomatic relations, and this especially with our African neighbours to the South, as they may very well be the worst hit by what will be enormous food shortages, lack of low-priced energy, etc. If we and African leaders do not intervene to halt energy sanctions, and stop this insane war in Ukraine, we will have hundreds of millions of Africans attempting to reach Europe in the false belief that the situation in better here. And we will continue shifting from crisis to crisis, as this will be perhaps the largest Humanitarian crisis in centuries. Every minute is precious. For ourselves as a nation, and for the good of the whole world, this madness must stop.

We iterate the neutrality of Italy. No Nato, No WHO, NO IMF, No EU, no Euro. Nato and the US must pay Italy retroactively for 70 +years of occupation of Italian soil, and will be fined handsomely if it is discovered that there are any nuclear weapons placed on Italian soil, unbeknownst to the government, and most especially, its citizens.

No money to any other country – especially those countries which persecute Christians. And no citizenship to imigrants arriving from those countries (unless they are Christians escaping persecution, obviously).

China must be boycotted on humanitarian grounds, as well as fined for Covid damages.There will be no boycotting of any country with whom we have no direct conflict (Russia), although China must be boycotted for humanitarian reasons (persecution of Christians, the mass incarceration of Uighurs, the enslavement of their own people in the service of cannibalistic capitalism, the production and release of the Sars Cov 1 and 2 viruses, their ownership of the the President of the WHO, their constant dissemination of lies and propaganda).

Conservatives are calling for a Debt Jubilee, pardoning half of all the World’s debt. This was permitted to Germany at the end of World War II. The accumulated debt of Germany – guilty of instigating both of the WWars – was divided in two. 50% was pardoned, and the other 50% was paid back over 45 years with 0 interest, during which time Germany was not obliged to pay tarriffs, and therefore flooded the world market with large numbers of consumer goods of inferior quality ( similar to China). The 50 % which was pardoned was expected to be paid only in the case of a possible reunification with Eastern Germany, which did indeed occur. There has been no repayment of that percentage of Germany’s war debt, BTW). Contrary to popular belief, the high taxes paid in Italy are funnelled off almost exclusively towards the payment of this country’s debt, which irresponsible governors began to incrue even prior to the country’s unification. If we are improve the quality of life for our citizens and the citizens of the world, this usury must end.


10% Flat tax for all Italian businesses.

Multinationals such as Amazon pay 65%. Bezos must pay a retroactive fine to Italy for operating during the 2020 lockdown, during which Italian small businesses were forced to be closed, of 25 billion Euro. MIcrosoft will pay 65% also, and owns Italy a retroactive fine for the amount acquired due to forced home online working during various lockdowns.


Conservatives deplore the state of abandon of Italian scientific research, which is almost completely devoid of any government funding. The State will provide adequate financial assistance to universities, hospital research centers and ethical pharamceutical companies which are on the frontlines of ethical experimentation, yet have no financial means of supporting further progress towards their desirable outcomes.

No sane Minister of Health would permit the depletion of fundamental stocks of medecine, yet, not only do we have no stockpile of essential pharmaceuticals: we do not even have the means of their production, which forces the State to outsource to countries such as India and China, whose sanitary, ethical and moral ideals have no resemblance to ours. We are for the implementation of State-owned, independantly run pharmaceutical companies which provide all fundamental prescription medecines for the country’s needs, at a far lower cost to citizens, while providing job opportunities to our exceptionally well-prepared scientists.

The government does not recognize any constitutional right to abortion, birth control, and therefore will remove all funding from these practices. For reasons regarding long-term reproductive health, increased risk of miscarriage, and higher overall risk of breast cancer, women are discouraged from this option. As we know, for every child given up to adoption, there are more than 30 couples available to provide a loving family environment, and therefore this option – if no other is available – should be considered the most viable.

Innovation, Public Policy

The State will invest in the creation of Italy’s own operation systems, through ownership of tech companies, which will guarantee Italian citizens easy, extremly inexpensive access to the internet for all activities; absolute privacy; complete parental control; 0 pornography; 0 advertisements; 0 secret data acquistion.

This operating system will also permit Italian Regions to communicate with one another, providing one another with official online documents, therefore making relocation of citizens from one region to another a question of a few minutes, as opposed to monthes and monthes of exhausting burocracy.

There will be no digitalization of personal identification, there will be no obligatory vaccinations, there will be no requirement stating we must show any private records in order to participate in the public sphere, or frequent public places, or ride public transport, etc.

Investment in mining, drilling and the reopening of natural gas ducts.


Removal of 90% of taxes from the cost of fossil fuels.

The construction of a direct highway – between Milan and Rome, preferably exclusively for cameons. Idem for the South.

All highways in Italy will be free for Italian citizens.

Improvement of Sourthern infrastructures.

Any car devoid of up to date anti-particle filters will no longer be permitted to circulate.

Ministry of War

Military occupation of areas infested by Cosa Nostra.

In order to avoid war, we must be well armed and prepared. We call for important investments in National Defense, raising of salaries, rigorous, challenging recruitment, ongoing training for all areas of Defense, from our military, to the Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, polizia locale. Any member of our armed forces who is no longer capable of performing his/her duty, should opt for early retirement, an office job, or forensics, because we no longer wish to see our men and women in uniform, choosing the easy path of harassing upright citizens over mask mandates (against the law) and greenpasses: there is already a war to be fought on this soil, against Cosa Nostra, drug dealers, prostitution, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

We will have 0 tolerance for those who sell drugs: from Fentanyl arriving on Chinese freight ships, to its sale and distribution in our cities’ parks, and perpetrators will be immediately arrested, imprisoned, and sent back to their countries of origin. No more second chances, much to the disappointment of Soros -funded Italian PMs.

There will be 0 tolerance for disrespect for the law: from minor infractions to major crimes and misdemeanors, the police will be back, doing the job it had sworn to do, that is: protecting the nation and its citizens from criminals, thugs, and those dishonest individuals who believe that the police has lost all dignity and integrity.

All Italians will be required to undergo military training and courses for the handling of arms, and will be expected to participate in regular updates (i.e. annual), with an eye to maintaining health and physical activity as part of an integrated healthy lifestyle.

Participation in secret sects aimed at undermining national and personal sovereignty (Masonry, Trilateral, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Davos, WEF, Aspen), will be held to be an act of high treason, causing the loss of citizenship.


Construction of underground basins for the gathering of rain water. Replacement of public water services to avoid dispersion of water ( estimated to be 50% losses as of present).

Construction of nuclear power plants across Italy.

Modernization ( insulation, replacement of roofing, windows, inefficient electrical systems, air conditioning) of all public service edifaces across Italy, including hospitals, schools, police and fire departments, court houses, government buildings, museums, theatres, universities. Financial incentives for the renovation of older homes. Permission to add efficient wood-burning stoves as a heating alternative.

No crop burning.

Reopen closed traffic arteries which have led to traffic and polution in the downtown core.

Establish independant commissions for the handling of public waste in cities such as Rome and Naples.


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