Our Police Forces: Is it time to declare them in breach of duty?

Perhaps I am not the average citizen, perhaps my desire for justice and order supercedes that of the average individual, which is, perhaps, why I married the embodiment of the Law. Or perhaps I am living in the wrong country, for Italy and Italians are well known for their own, individualistic and opportunistic interpretations of the law, as well as their bending of rules to benefit themselves. Unless, of course, the strict adherence to the law is to their benefit, or even if they are only led to believe it is so: The covid psychopandemic is a perfect example. Consider the fact that Italian Penal Law has strict punishments – including hefty fines and jailtime if necessary – for the use of face coverings in public settings; although the weekly decrees released by the state of emergency government dating from March, 2020 onwards stipulated the use of either a medical mask OR the Orwellian, antiscientific ‘social distancing’, everyone wore masks, and police fined and often brutally treated individuals without masks (except, of course the illegal immigrants arriving daily by boat who circulated freely everywhere regardless of our government imposed lockdowns), even in those cases in which individuals were outdoors, alone, or at an acceptable distance from others .

The first article of law prohibiting face coverings dates back to the 18th of June 1931: article 85 of the Public Security Law (R.D. 18 June, 1931, n. 773), which states: 1. It is forbidden to appear masked in a public place. 2. The offender will be punished with a fine ranging from Lire. 100 to 1000; The second mention is article 5 of Law no. 152/1975, which contains those dispositions for maintaining public order during the years of terror caused by the communist ‘red brigades’, which prohibits the use of motorcycle helmets or any other head covering which renders the recognition of the individual difficult or impossible, in a public space, or open public area, without justified motives. The offender may be arrested and jailed for one to two years, with a fine ranging from 1.000,000 to 2.000.000 Lire. If such an offense were to occur during a public event, the offender may be jailed from 2 to 3 years with a fine of 2.000.000 to 6.000.000 Lire”.

In subsequent years, this particular law underwent various modifications, firstly in 1977, then again in 2005, to include Islamic women’s headcoverings.

So, why did my rebellious, undisciplined countrymen accept the imposition of the mask promulgated by the media and enforced by our various police forces, when it was in direct contravention of already existing laws? Why did our police forces accept to reenforce this contradiction? Did noone every read the DPCM (government decrees)? Evidently not. In Italy, we no longer read, we simply watch TV and listen to the uninformed opinions of ignorant talking heads, whilst Big Brother’s propaganda machine toils unceasingly day and night to churn out filth which instills fear in (almost) everyone, inducing hysteria, irrationality and incoherency, scapegoating, societal loathing, hatred, near fratricidal violence and apartheid, the likes of which we had not observed since studying the history of Germany and Poland circa 1930’s.

Another example of my fellow citizens’ deplorable lack of respect for civility and obeisance to reasonable laws, and our police force’s unwillingness to reenforce said laws, regards the constant abuse of public spaces in order to allow undisciplined canines, which Italians treat like spoiled and pampered children, to wander freely, leaping upon and attacking runners, children, the elderly and leaving their excrements everywhere.

Both the Italian Civil and Penal Codes contain explicit regulation of canines in public spaces, specifying that the animal must always be on a leash no longer than 1.5 meters, that all dog owners must have muzzles available for their animals at all times, that work dogs are obliged to wear them, that abandoning their excrements may be cause for fines up to 500 euro (P.C. 590, articles 1,2). These articles stipulate that there are specific fines for an owner’s inability to control their animal, as well as fines for cases of canines attacking other canines, and humans. Yet on my daily runs, I have been knocked over by dogs, bitten by dogs, attacked my dogs, and am genereally surrounded by hundreds of dogs off their leashes, running freely every day in the center of Milan, with ne’er a policeman or woman doing anything. (Never mind the fact that in Sempione Park, the epicenter of drug distribution in the city of Milan, the police force is notable only for its absence).

Now, genereally speaking, I love dogs, having grown up in the countryside with many of them. Which is fortunate for me, because in most situations I am able to handle the animal better than its owner. Yet it is unacceptable that anyone should have to take personal risks for a duty which is exclusively the responsibility of the owner, and notably, an undisciplined dog of any size or race is potentially a risk to people everywhere. But when I have spoken to the rare police presence in the park, they do absolutely nothing. The Polizia and the carabinieri state that it is the duty of the Polizia Locale, who have never been known to do anything useful, ever, and are notable only in their absence, depite being a force of over 6,000 on the Milanese payroll. In fact, I have only ever seen them work at all, when they were forcing people to put on masks in the marketplace, or fining them if they were without said facecovering. In those cases, the carabinieri and Police would often attack and arrest the individuals without the face diaper, symbol of submission, despite the fact that the individuals were otherwise peaceful.

Whilst on the subject of the Polizia Locale negleting it’s duties: the only activity which everyone recognizes is the prime responsibility of the Polizia Locale, is the distribution of parking tickets and fines for vehicles of varying natures. And yet, even in this case, our residential streets are lined with cars that either are occupying the positions of residents, or are parked abusively in the street or on the sidewalks, as if they were their own personal parking spaces, with impunity.

So, speaking of lockdowns, masks, our various police forces, illegal immigrants, running and DRUGS: Sempione Park, as I previously mentioned, is the beating, throbbing heart of illegal immigrant drug dealing, which has become absolutely rampant since Mr. Rainbow Socks and his dimwitted, ecofascist administration decided to isolate the park area even more than previously, by eliminating all currents of traffic flowing around it, turning it into a downtown forest – or rather – an urban jungle of drugs and prostitution and general acts of public indecency.

During the pychopandemic, the minute our covid overlords decided to permit us public circulation and excercise, we runners were able to observe the illegal immigrant drug lords exchanging their stash, hiding it in public toilets, garbage cans, redistributing their packages in their ubereats transport containers, passing it on to their prostitutes. Again. whne we pointed this out to the Polizia Locale, they would state that only the Polizia could intervene. The photo below is of an individual entering the park Sempione on September 1st, 2022 at 8am with an air of impunity, both hands full of smaller packages of what appears to be cocaine. Because I found this to be absolutely intolerable, and because I required proof of what I had observed, I made a video as I was listening to a podcast, which I had at high volume without earphones. This permitted me to circle back and video without anyone minimally suspecting me. By the time I was able to take the brief video, more than half of what he had originally held in his hands had been distributed to two other indivuals of his ilk, but I managed to extract this. The only police car I found was almost ten minutes away from the location in which I made the video. The car was of the Polizia Locale, who told me that a) it was not their responsibility, but rather that of the Polizia, and b), that they were suspicious of my capacity to discern the presence of cocaine from a distance: how, they wondered, was I so expert at guessing the presence of cocaine in those little packages? I told that that I had really no idea, but that I rather suspected that it was not laundry detergent. At this, they responded that they might circle around with their police car (wouldn’t want to get too much excercise), which of course, they did NOT, because I did two more rounds, and of course a police car was nowhere to be found.

So, what can me done? Is it not true, as Saint José Maria Escrivà was wont to point out, that if one is faithful in the little things, one tends to be faithful in the more significant things, because one has done regular moral and spiritual warfare to intensify one moral fortitude? And that the opposite is also true: namely, that if one is not faithful in the practice of what seems to be insignificant, that one’s moral strength will not be sufficient to perform those duties which may prove themselves to be so much more of a moral, spiritual, professional or ethical trial? This is certainly the case with our numerous police forces, who seem to have forgotten the purpose for which they originally joined the forces. It is clear that all branches require radical revision, training and rebirth, rebaptised with a new mission of faithful leadership and service to their people and to the Italian Constitution.


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